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What happened in chapter 13 of the little prince?

What happened in chapter 13 of the little prince?

Summary: Chapter XIII The little prince visits a fourth planet, which is occupied by a businessman so immersed in numerical calculations that the man hardly acknowledges the little prince. The businessman protests that he is a serious person and has no time for the little prince’s questions.

Who does the little prince meet in Chapter 12?

Notes: In Chapters 11 and 12, the Prince meets a conceited man and a tippler, both symbols of adult characteristics. The conceited man’s sole aim in life is to be admired; everything he does, he performs in order to gain praise.

What does the businessman teach the little prince?

The moral lesson of the book is that love is all important. The Little Prince sadly leaves his asteroid when the rose he loves becomes too difficult for him to deal with. He fears she is not quite honest with him.

What is the lesson in Chapter 11 of the little prince?

He explains that to admire someone means that you regard him as the handsomest, the best-dressed, the richest, and the most intelligent man on the planet. The little prince points out that he is the only man on the planet.

What does the little girl understand about the rose?

Also, the prince’s memory of his rose is what prompts his desire to return. As a character who gains significance because of how much time and effort the prince has invested in caring for her, the rose embodies the fox’s statement that love comes from investing in other people.

What does the little prince think of serious things?

Saint-Exupéry clearly sides with children, represented by the little prince, who believe that serious matters are those of the imagination. For the little prince, the most serious matter of all is whether the sheep the narrator has drawn for him will eat his beloved rose.

Who was the most intelligent character in The Little Prince?

The Vain Man – Asteroid B-326 Wearing a hat that is as showy as it is ridiculous, the vain man considers himself as the most beautiful and the most intelligent of his tiny planet.

What is the little prince’s flower most afraid of?

The little prince is afraid that his flower will be eaten by the sheep. 4.