What happened to Loren Krytzer?

What happened to Loren Krytzer?

Prior to selling the blanket, Loren was unemployed and survived off of monthly disability checks. Loren lost his leg in a terrible car accident that was nearly fatal. It is safe to say that the sale of the blanket saved Loren’s life has he want from a little shack in California to a $250,000 home.

Why are Navajo blankets worth so much?

Until about the 1820s, the Navajo made simple striped blankets identical to the Pueblo. These blankets, which the Ute Indians prized (hence the reference to them as Ute-style) are most valued by Navajo blanket collectors today, in large part because of their rarity.

What happened to the Navajo blanket on Antiques Roadshow?

According to an Arizona Public Media follow up from 2016, Kuntz didn’t feel like he could preserve the blanket properly, given the realization that it was worth more than what most astronauts make in a decade. He wound up selling the piece to an anonymous buyer who had it placed in the Detroit Institute of Arts.

How much is a real Navajo blanket worth?

Navajo rugs can range anywhere from $100 for a small one, to several thousand dollars for a large and old one.

What is the most expensive blanket in the world?

Burberry Prorsum Poncho – Most Expensive Blanket.

Does Burberry make blankets?

Burberry Blankets & Throws for Women.

What is the most expensive thing ever sold on Antiques Roadshow?

A collector also brought in a painting by Van Dyck which had been bought for £400 from an antique shop in 1992. It was authenticated by the show’s experts and valued at £400,000. Antiques Roadshow continues tonight at 7pm on BBC One.

What is the most expensive thing ever on Antiques Roadshow?

The most expensive watch to ever be featured on “Antique Roadshow” is also the most expensive item in the show’s history: a Swiss pocket watch from 1914 that appeared on a 2004 episode. It was appraised for $250,000 at the time. But in 2016, the watch was reappraised for $1.5 million, according to reports.

What is the biggest blanket in the world?

POSSIBLY THE BIGGEST BLANKET EVER CREATED – Measuring in at a giant 11lbs and 10′ x 10′ (100 square feet!), this blanket is HUGE – nearly double the size of a standard king-size blanket or comforter – but it’s still machine washable in a standard sized washing machine….

Brand Big Blanket Co
Item Weight 11 Pounds

What is the value of a Navajo rug?

Antique Navajo rugs, depending on size can range from around $1,000 up to many thousands. Provenance can also add value to historic Navajo rugs, for example, previous collection history, or prior publication, etc.

What did Loren krytzer do with his money?

Loren Krytzer, 53, hikes with his wife Lisa. Even after being braced for realistic expectations by advice of the CPA that worked for the auction company that sold his blanket, Krytzer was still shocked at how quickly a pile of money can dwindle. “It’s not like it was 40 or 50 years ago,” he says.

How did Loren krytzer get his Navajo blanket?

Loren Krytzer walked into the California auction room broke and unemployed, surviving on disability checks. Seventy-seven seconds later, he walked out a millionaire — all thanks to a blanket. “Everybody loves a rags to riches story,” laughs Krytzer.

What kind of car did John krytzer buy?

Krytzer’s first big purchase, a brand new 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 couldn’t have come at a better time. His last car had over 200,000 miles and was burning oil. Overall, he says money hasn’t changed him. Krytzer says with a smile that life has just gotten a bit easier since the auction — in fact, he credits it for saving his life.

Where did John krytzer live while on disability?

Disability eventually provided just enough money to move into a friend’s shack in Leona Valley near Palmdale, Calif. Krytzer negotiated his rent down to $700, which left him about $200 a month to live on, along with whatever shared income came in from his then-girlfriend Lisa. “It was rough,” he says.