What happens to Aristagoras in Sparta?

What happens to Aristagoras in Sparta?

Soliciting assistance from the states of mainland Greece he failed to obtain the help of a major state, Sparta. He did obtain the half-hearted assistance of Athens. Their attack on the satrapy of Lydia having been defeated, they withdrew, abandoning Aristagoras to his fate.

What happened to Histiaeus when he was captured and taken to Sardis?

Histiaeus is taken to Sardis and slain by Artaphrenes; Darius is displeased on receiving his embalmed head, and grants him burial honors (30). In the next year (493) the Persians take Chios, Lesbos, and Tenedos; the Persian ‘human chain’ technique for finding those in hiding (31).

Who crushed the Ionian Revolt?

Ionian Revolt
Ionia, Aeolis, Doris, Caria, Athens, Eretria, Cyprus Persian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Aristagoras † Charopinos Hermophantus Eualcides † Melanthius Dionysius of Phocaea Histiaeus † Hecataeus Onesilus † Megabates Artaphernes Daurises † Hyamees Otanes Datis

What happened Histiaeus?

After joining a Greek force in battle against the Persians, he was captured by the Persian general, Harpagus in 493 BC. The satrap Artaphernes did not want to send him back to Susa, where he suspected that Darius would pardon him, so he executed him by impaling, and sent his head to Darius.

Who killed mardonius?

Mardonius prepared to meet them at the Plataea, despite the opposition from another Persian commander, Artabazus, who, like Artabanus, did not think that the Persian army could automatically defeat the Greeks. Mardonius was killed in the ensuing battle by the Spartans (see Battle of Plataea).

Why did the Ionians rebel against Persia?

According to Herodotus one of the causes of the revolt was the plotting of Histiaeus, deposed Tyrant of Miletus. He was living in forced exile at the Persian court at Susa, while his son-in-law Aristagoras ruled Miletus. Histiaeus wrote to his successor encouraging him to revolt.

How did Epizelus lose his sight?

Epizelus, the son of Cuphagoras, an Athenian, was in the thick of the fray, and behaving himself as a brave man should, when suddenly he was stricken with blindness, without blow of sword or dart; and this blindness continued thenceforth during the whole of his after life.

How did the Persians punish the Ionians?

How did the Persians punish the Ionians for rebelling? They destroyed the city of Miletus. When King Darius asked the Greeks for their earth and water, the Greeks… …refused and threw his messengers into pits and wells.

Who did Miletus revolt against?

In 499, however, Histiaeus, the Greek ruler of Miletus, led a revolt against Persia.

Did Persia invade Sparta?

Moreover, Athens was part of the persian empire since Kleisthenes gave them soil and water, for their protection against the invading spartan army, summoned by Isocrates….First Persian invasion of Greece.

Date 492 – 490 BC.
Location Thrace, Macedon, Cyclades, Euboea, Attica
Result Persian victory in Thrace and Macedon Persian failure to capture Athens

Who was the commander of the Persian army?

In the late summer of 480 B.C., Leonidas led an army of 6,000 to 7,000 Greeks from many city-states, including 300 Spartans, in an attempt to prevent the Persians from passing through Thermopylae.

Why did King Darius ask for Greek earth and water?

Greeks had established wealthy settlements in Ionia. Why did King Darius ask for presents of Greek earth and water? Such gifts would mean that the Greeks had accepted Persian rule.

Why did Aristagoras go to Athens for help?

Aristagoras, now desperate for support, went to Athens for help. The Athenians, fearing an inevitable attack by the Persians, decided to support Aristagoras and sent twenty triremes along with five from Eretria. The Ionian fleet, bolstered by Athenian and Eretrian ships, sailed to Ephesus in BC 498.

How did Aristagoras become the tyrant of Miletus?

He assumed his regency from his father-in-law, Histiaeus (d. 494 bc ), who had lost the trust of the Persian emperor, Darius I. Possibly incited by Histiaeus, and with support from Athens and Eretria, Aristagoras raised the Ionian revolt against Persia. Defeated, he left Miletus to found a colony in Thrace, where he was killed by Thracians.

Why did Aristagoras revolt against Artaphrenes and Persia?

The reason why Aristagoras revolts against Persia is a highly personal reason, namely that he was unable to pay back Artaphrenes for the supplies which he used in his failed attempt at Naxos. We are told that these various causes of alarm were already making Aristagoras contemplate rebellion (5.35).

Why did Histiaeus and Aristagoras never meet again?

Aristagoras was gone. According to Herodotus, they never met again. Histiaeus never succeeded in reaching Miletus. Reporting first to Sardis, undoubtedly still recovering from fire, whether with or without the Great King’s complicity (Herodotus does not say), he was interrogated concerning his true loyalties.