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What is a field services technician?

What is a field services technician?

A field service technician is responsible for helping clients install, repair, and maintain equipment. A few of the main duties of a field service technician are troubleshooting the equipment, advising the customer on how to use the equipment, building relationships with customers, and following company procedures.

What do field service technicians make?

Field Service Technician Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $64,500 $31
75th Percentile $54,000 $26
Average $46,475 $22
25th Percentile $36,500 $18

How do I become a field service technician?

To become a field technician, you first need a high school diploma or equivalent. Though some jobs require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, some field service jobs only require an associate degree or vocational school certificate and provide on the job training.

What are the duties of a field technician?

What does a field technician do?

  • Troubleshooting, testing, repairing and servicing technical equipment.
  • Providing service and customer support during field visits.
  • Managing on-site installation, repair, maintenance and testing.
  • Diagnosing errors or technical problems and determining proper solutions.

What makes a good field service technician?

Meticulous, punctual, pleasant … the ideal field technician brings a number of interpersonal skills to their role. Customers are primarily interested in technician effectiveness. They’re looking for technicians to arrive on site, accurately diagnose the problem and complete the repair as quickly as possible.

What makes a good field technician?

What is a data support technician?

The Data Support Technician is the experts accountable for the collection, recording, and recovery of business or organizational information. They study source documents electronically, validate the correctness of the information, make reports and manage data storage and retrieval systems.

What does a field technician do in mining?

Assisting in surveys (including heritage / environmental) Field approving and entering Earthworks and drilling plods. Support Field Supervisor in managing equipment service & maintenance and Daily work place inspections. Escorting duties when required.

What does an oil field technician do?

Oil field technicians operate equipment that will help increase the oil flow from producing wells. They do this by removing obstructions such as stuck pipe, casing, or tools to help increase the flow of oil and the overall productivity of the operation.

How much does a Virgin Media installer earn?

At Virgin Media you’ll open every payslip with a smile, as your starting salary could be anywhere between £18,530 and £30,000 a year! Starting salaries depend on the level of the apprenticeship and where it is based (as some roles have London weighting).

What qualifications do you need to be a IT technician?

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a computer service technician, but good IT skills are essential for this job. You may improve your chances of finding work by taking a computer or electronics qualification at college.