What is a fit in tourism?

What is a fit in tourism?

Free independent travellers (FIT) are travellers who plan their own trips and prefer to travel alone or in small groups. They are the opposite of mass tourists, who travel in large groups and buy predefined travel packages.

What is fit in hospitality?

Originally, the acronym “FIT” stood for “foreign independent tour,” but now it is most commonly used to describe a fully independent traveler or tourist.

What is a fit and GIT?

FIT and GIT are the terms used by the employees in the Tourism industry for the holiday packages. FIT stands for Free Independent Travelers and GIT stands for Group Inclusive Tour.

What is GIT in front office?

GIT, or group independent travel, refers to a travel group where individuals buy a group package and travel with others on a preset itinerary.

What is full form fit?

FIT – Frequency, Intensity, Time.

What is the full form of fit?

FIT Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Functional Innovative Technology Technology FIT
Florida Institute of Technology Technology FIT
Filter Isolation Technology Technology FIT
Frequency, Intensity, Time Physics Related FIT

What is a FIT rate in hotels?

Because this ‘FIT rate’ is the highest rate charged by a hotel for a room, often it comes with a discount to entice the ‘walk-in’ guest to book the room. It is seen that (as discussed earlier) the highest rate would always be the FIT rate.

What is full form of fit?

What is a fit package?

FIT originally was short for “foreign independent travel,” or leisure trips abroad without an escort or fixed package structure. Today FIT more commonly refers to as “flexible independent travel” – the components of the itinerary may resemble a package, but the itinerary is custom-built for the traveler.

What is the full form of fit in front office?

FIT refers to Foreign or Free Independent Traveler.

What is C form front office?

(f) Preparing ‘C’ form: The C- form is a mandatory document which is prepared for all foreigner guests and sent to FRRO (Foreigners regional registration office) or Police commissioner’s office within 24 hours of a guest’s check-in.

What does fit stand for in travel industry?

Having nothing to do with exercise or fitness, the business abbreviation FIT actually stands for free independent travel. This term is one used mainly by insiders of the travel and resort industries. What does it mean and how does it work? Read along as we take a look at the FIT concept.

Which is the best definition of fit tourism?

FIT tourism is better defined as a way of travelling. Instead of comprehensive travel packages for groups, FIT tourism travelling is more personal and individual. Travellers design their own trips themselves, choose their own destinations and visits based on the information already they have.

What do fit, IIT and Git mean in the tourism industry?

FIT means Free Independent Traveler or Free Independent Tourist. An FIT is an individual (or small group of < 10) traveling and vacationing with a self-booked itinerary.

What does it mean to be a fit traveler?

You might also see the term “FIT” used to mean “free independent traveler ,” “frequent independent traveler,” or “foreign independent traveler.”. All of these definitions share a keyword and concept: independent. These travelers almost always design their own itineraries and arrange their own travel plans—FITs do not travel with group tours