What is a good slogan for chocolate?

What is a good slogan for chocolate?

The joy of best taste. The Lighter Way To Enjoy Chocolate. The perfect way to end your day. The sweet you can eat between meals (without ruining your appetite).

What is the Twix slogan?

Try both
Twix is a caramel shortbread chocolate bar made by Mars, Inc., consisting of a biscuit applied with other confectionery toppings and coatings (most frequently caramel and milk chocolate). Twix are packaged with one, two or four bars in a wrapper, the new slogan for Twix is “Try both.

What chocolate bar has the slogan?

Yorkie (chocolate bar) U.K. Yorkie is a chocolate bar made by Nestlé.

What is the KitKat slogan?

Have a break, have a KitKat
KitKat is giving its iconic slogan, “Have a break, have a KitKat,” a 10-day rest as part of a campaign honoring the brand’s 85th anniversary. Created by Wunderman Thompson, the campaign also includes a social media competition to help people mark the occasion.

What is Dairy Milk slogan?

Cadbury is launching a global brand campaign for its Dairy Milk brand, replacing its ‘Free the Joy’ slogan with ‘Taste like this feels’ although marketing director Matthew Williams says its marketing will still focus on providing “moments of joy”.

What is cadburys slogan?

Cadbury has replaced its ‘Free the joy’ slogan with ‘Tastes like this feels’, with the tagline appearing in a new ad featuring real footage of a bear rubbing his back up against a tree to the tones of ‘That’s The Way (I Like It)’. Cadbury: new slogan.

What is M&M’s slogan?

The popular slogan, “It melts in your mouth, not in your hands” was trademarked in 1954. In 1981, M&Ms went to outer space when space-shuttle astronauts brought M&Ms with them on their flight.

What are some good slogans for chocolate products?

Best Chocolate Slogans A Moments of Delight. a life full of celebration. Lets’ Chocolate Makes your day. Delight in Every Bite. Fresh Chocolate, Fresh Friendship. A Fun full of Delight. Good Chocolate, Good Life. The joy of best Taste. Dream full of Deliciousness. My Chocolate, My Passion.

What are some of the slogans for Hershey’s Chocolate?

Feed your imagination. Slogans: Why have cotton when you can have silk? Lose yourself in a good book with Galaxy. Think chocolate. Think Galaxy. Different every time. Taglines: Choose pleasure. Dove. Silky smooth. It’s not just dark. It’s Dove. Slogans: Hello happy. Hello Hershey’s. Hershey’s is mine, yours, our chocolate.

Where can I find a chocolate advertising quiz?

Check price and buy directly on Amazon. Test yourself how many chocolate advertising slogans you remember with my other chocolate quizes. You can also find fun chocolate facts for children (shh, don’t tell them they will be learning at the same time…) and finish the evening with a chocolate film for the whole family.

What is the slogan for the Milky Way chocolate bar?

Slogan: Indescribably Delicious. Slogan: Get more go. The sweet you can eat between meals. At work, rest and play, you get three great tastes in a Milky Way. Comfort in every bar.