What is a Guido Urban Dictionary?

What is a Guido Urban Dictionary?

The traditional definition of a guido is a “slang term for a working class or lower class urban Italian-American,” therefore the cast identifying themselves as “guidos” and “guidettes” automatically associated them with the Italian-American community.

What’s the female version of a Guido?

Although MTV removed the term from some promotions, it remains closely associated with the show, and some of the cast members use it regularly to describe themselves while the females sometimes refer to themselves as a “guidette.”

What is Cugine slang for?

noun. slang US. A young Italian-American man (usually depreciative).

How do I become a Guido?

In order to be considered a Guido and to gain acceptance from fellow Guidos, one must prove one’s Italian ancestry and conform to the vernacular and life that comes with calling oneself a Guido. Guido males are characterized as “muscle-heads” with “fresh” haircuts, put together style, gold jewelry, and expensive cars.

What do they call an Italian man?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for AN ITALIAN MAN [signor]

What does Mista mean?

MISTA. Name usually attached to boys mostly. It means a charming looking guy with intended outfit and with slightly heavy embodied political characteristics.

What does Guido translate to in English?

The meaning of the name is debated, with various sources indicating the Germanic “Wido” means “wood” and others connecting the Italian form “Guido” to the latinate root for “guide”….Guido.

Gender male
Word/name Italian, Ancient Germanic
Meaning Forest, Guide
Other names

What do you call an Italian man?

Italian Translation. uomo. More Italian words for man. lo uomo noun.

What is Guido saying in cars?

The Michael Schumacher Ferrari, voiced by Michael Schumacher in Cars, speaks Italian to Guido, saying, “Spero che il tuo amico si riprenda. Mi dicono che siete fantastici.” This translates to “I hope your friend recovers. I was told that you are fantastic.”

What does wack mean?

slang. : not up to the mark : lousy, lame while there are skilled moments, there are wack ones as well— Danyel Smith.

What does guidette stand for in Urban Dictionary?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: guidette(Noun) Italian-American female; an American female of Italian extraction Guidette(Noun) Italian-American female; an American female of Italian extraction

What does guidette mean on the Jersey Shore?

Definition of guidette. guidette. noun. an Italian-American female. See also guido. Guidos and guidettes party along the Jersey Shore. Last edited on Sep 01 2011. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 01 2011.

What is the meaning of the term guido?

In other areas, terms such as “Cugine” (Brooklyn), “Mario” (Chicago) and “Gino” (Toronto) have a meaning similar to guido. Although some Italians self-identify as “guidos”, the term is often considered derogatory or an ethnic slur.