What is a Hansard Canada?

What is a Hansard Canada?

Hansard is the traditional name of the transcripts of Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries. It is named after Thomas Curson Hansard (1776–1833), a London printer and publisher, who was the first official printer to the Parliament at Westminster.

What does Hansard mean in Parliament?

About Hansard ​Hansard is the written record of proceedings and debates in Parliament. It is a verified and accurate record rather than strictly verbatim transcript.

What does Hansard stand for?

Official Report of Parliamentary Debates
Hansard, or Official Report of Parliamentary Debates, is a transcription of everything that is said on the floor of Parliament. Hansard is available for each Australian jurisdiction.

Who makes up the Senate in Canada?

The Senate of Canada (French: Sénat du Canada) is the upper house of the Parliament of Canada. The Senate is modelled after the British House of Lords and consists of 105 members appointed by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister.

How far back does Hansard go?

The official report of all Parliamentary debates. Find Members, their contributions, debates, petitions and divisions from published Hansard reports dating back over 200 years.

How old is Hansard?

This history reminds us that Hansard has been producing an official report of proceedings in the House of Lords and the House of Commons since 1909, but an unofficial version dates back to 1803, and the history of parliamentary reporting stretches back to the English civil war.

How far does Hansard go back?

When can Hansard be used?

It permits Hansard to be used where the legislation is ambiguous or obscure or leads to an absurdity, and the material relied on comprises one or more statements by a Minister or other promoter of the Bill and such other parliamentary material as is necessary to understand the statements, and the effect and the …

Why is a Hansard important?

Hansard is an edited transcript—written record—of what is said in the Australian Parliament: in the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Federation Chamber and committee hearings. As well as informing people about parliamentary proceedings, Hansard is an important way of keeping Parliament open and accountable .

Who are the new senators for 2021?

New Senators 2001-present

Name Party-State Date of swearing
117th Congress (January 3, 2021-January 3, 2023)
Tommy Tuberville R-AL January 3, 2021
Jon Ossoff D-GA January 20, 2021
Alex Padilla D-CA January 20, 2021

How many senators are in Canada?

This is a list of current members of the Senate of Canada (French: Le Sénat du Canada), the upper house of the Canadian Parliament. Unlike the Members of Parliament in the House of Commons, the 105 senators are appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the prime minister.

How useful is Hansard?

Why might Hansard be useful? Hansard is the official record of what has been said* in both Houses of Parliament. As such it carries a “substantially verbatim” report of proceedings. All bound volumes of Hansard are on the open shelves in the Ford Collection on Level 3 of the Hartley Library.