What is a mapping in ODI?

What is a mapping in ODI?

Mappings are the logical and physical organization of your data sources, targets, and the transformations through which the data flows from source to target. You create and manage mappings using the mapping editor, a new feature of ODI 12c. The mapping editor opens whenever you open a mapping.

Can we use a SQL query as source in interface in ODI?

In 11g, for each query you have to create a temporary interface with specific source query, but in 12c you just have to create a generic output signature. Define the query with required fields and skip the unnecessary one. ODI will use its intelligence to select the mapped columns only.

What is dataset in ODI?

A dataset represents the data flow coming from a group of datastores. Several datasets can be merged into the interface target datastore using set-based operators such as Union and Intersect. A new line is added for the new dataset at the bottom of the list.

What are SNP tables in ODI?

Today’s gem is about SNP tables, which are the database tables that are used by ODI to store its metadata. When we install ODI, the installer asks us where we want to create our Master and Work repositories. Each repository contains a set of tables with different kind of information.

How can I join ODI?

go to the “Quick Edit” tab in your ODI interface and expand out the “Joins” section. You will see an “Ordered” checkbox to the right of each join. Select this to use ANSI style joins. You will also need to make sure your table joins are ordered correctly.

What is ODI 12c lookup?

A Lookup is Selector component that returns data from a lookup flow being given a value from a driving flow. · A lookup can be implemented in generated code either through a Left Outer Join or a nested Select statement.

How use subquery filter in ODI?

Mappings with SubQuery Filter – ODI 12c

  1. Create new mapping in ODI task folder and name it( you can uncheck “create empty dataset” checkbox).
  2. Add DEPT and EMP tables Logical Tab .
  3. Add Subquery Filter component.
  4. Pull required columns into Subquery Filter component and then to Target table.

What is IKM in ODI?

Integration Knowledge Modules (IKM)

What is CKM in ODI?

In ODI, users can import metadata from a data server into an ODI model using the ODI Reverse-Engineering process. When an ODI mapping is executed, the CKM uses the data constraints of the target datastore to enforce data integrity. CKMs can also be used to validate and enforce data integrity in an ODI model.

What are SNP tables?

The SNP Table shows detailed information about the SNPs in your project at the SNP/small indel level. By default, all SNPs in your project are displayed each time you open a new SNP Table. The signals for Variants experiments are generated via the Set Up Preprocessing dialog.

What is the difference between lookup and join in ODI?

The lookup component gives us some additional functionality compared to a join. We can supply a default value for a key that does not exist in our look-up table. Using a join we might have to do an outer join followed by an expression operator providing a CASE statement to replace the NULL from the unmatched key.

How can I use union in ODI 12c?

UNION in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

  1. Add the HR.
  2. Add the SCOTT.
  3. Create a target datastore in a model.
  4. Generate DDL and execute the procedure to create the table for the datastore if it does not already exist in the database.
  5. I created a database sequence to support the creation of a key value for the dimension table.

Can a ODI map a source to a target?

Once you drag your target, ODI it will ask you if you want to perform and automatic mapping from your source to target. If your source columns and target columns are named the same click YES as ODI will be able to map these columns automatically.

How to create a Data Integrator ( ODI ) interface?

First navigate to Models tab and locate your source and target datastores. Explore key considerations, integrating the cloud with legacy applications and challenges of current cloud implementations. Once you have located your source datastore, drag it to the middle of your design canvas.

How to import DB table definitions into ODI?

Once you have located your models you will need to import the DB table definitions. To do this, double click on the model. Once the model is open you will want to select “Selective Reverse-Engineering” as this will allow you to bring in your source or target definitions.

What are the user interface changes in ODI 12C?

ODI 12c takes the Interfaces. duplicating the same code. This logic can be designed using existing Datastores snippets across various Mappings. level. sub-select query. This concludes this blog series about user interface and terminology enhancements made in ODI 12c.