What is a sentence for wiggle?

What is a sentence for wiggle?

Wiggle sentence example. Dean felt her wiggle out of her bike shorts and then turn to her side, facing him. After having her wiggle her toes and move her ankle this way and that, he finally stepped back and observed her with a frown. Put on some fun, lively music and wiggle .

What wiggle means?

1 : to move to and fro with quick jerky or shaking motions : jiggle. 2 : to proceed with or as if with twisting and turning movements : wriggle. transitive verb. : to cause to wiggle.

How do you use wiggle room in a sentence?

Wiggle-room sentence example

  1. So be willing to leave a little wiggle room in your schedule.
  2. Dealers always jack up the price so that they have enough wiggle room to reduce the price because of your “tough” negotiating skills.

How do you use generate in a sentence?

Examples of generate in a Sentence We hope to generate some new ideas at the meeting. His theories have generated a great deal of interest among other scientists. Her comments have generated a good deal of excitement. They have been unable to generate much support for their proposals.

How do you use nod in a sentence?

Nod sentence example

  1. At his nod , she leaned back in her seat.
  2. Her nod was hesitant.
  3. His nod was brief.
  4. At his nod , she turned.
  5. Clad in the dark blue uniform of the police, Travis gave a nod of recognition as he passed him.
  6. If you can move your head, nod for yes, and shake for no.
  7. At Carmen’s nod , Katie sighed.

What does wiggle finger mean?

Slang (chiefly U.S.) to hurry up.

What is wiggle room service?

(also wriggle room) informal. Capacity or scope for negotiation or operation, especially in order to modify a previous statement or decision. ‘he had precious little wiggle room because of the budget deficit’ ‘I suggest that you ask for more than you expect to receive so that you have wiggle room and can negotiate.

What’s another way to say wiggle room?

What is another word for wiggle room?

space latitude
leeway slack
flexibility maneuvering room
room scope
elbow room freedom

What is the difference between wiggle and wriggle?

Wriggle sounds a lot like wiggle, and the two words very nearly mean the same thing. There is a subtle difference, though: when you wriggle, you twist, turn, or bend as you move. When you wiggle, you make more of a back-and-forth motion.

How do you say wiggle room professionally?

wiggle room

  1. latitude,
  2. leeway,
  3. slack,
  4. space.

What is an example of generate?

To generate is defined as to produce, create or cause to be. An example of to generate is turning on a heater, making a room warm.

How is the word amass used in a sentence?

Use amass in a sentence. Quarters amassed into a pile. verb. The definition of amass is to gather or collect a large amount of something. An example of amass is to hoard up 100 cans of tuna just in case you need them.

Which is the best example of the word Wiggle?

Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Perhaps wiggle your toes in your socks, focus on a particular color in your environment, or see what scents your nose can pick up: peanuts, hand sanitizer, fresh coffee.

How many page views does amass per month?

He has amassed a huge fortune from his invention. We have amassed a large amount of information. Unlike career politicians who were in it to amass millions for themselves and their families, he genuinely wanted to uplift the common man. Every month, it amasses more than 3 billion page views.

What does it mean to have wiggle room?

— Dallas News, 29 June 2021 Rather than the absolute caps on emissions proposed by environmental officials, Chinese companies will start off with relative allowances, using benchmarks based on previous years’ performances, giving them more wiggle -room.