What is a slotted peghead?

What is a slotted peghead?

For steel string guitars, a slotted headstock increases the angle at which the string crosses over the nut, giving open strings more clarity and liveliness to those notes. This is due to the resulting increased downward tension on the nut.

Are slotted headstocks better?

slotted headstocks and have found no appreciable difference in weight. He attributes this to the fact that the slotted headstocks were left thicker than solids. So there is no clear or easy answer as to determine the difference in tone between a slotted and solid headstock guitar.

How thick should headstock be?

People often ask how thick to make the headstocks on their cigar box guitars. Most standard guitar tuners, whether sealed-gear or open-gear, are intended to be used on a headstock that is about 9/16” (0.5625 inches/14.3mm) thick.

What is a guitar headstock?

A headstock or peghead is part of a guitar or similar stringed instruments such as a lute, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and others of the lute lineage. Machine heads on the headstock are commonly used to tune the instrument by adjusting the tension of strings and, consequentially, the pitch of sound they produce.

Why do 12 fret guitars have slotted headstocks?

“Typically the preference is for a slotted headstock on a 12-fret neck length length because the angle of the strings as they bend over the nut is a little more acute, which puts a little more downward pressure on the nut and changes the flexibility of the lower portion of the strings.

What is the best parlor guitar?

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Why do some guitars have no headstock?

No headstock means shorter instrument, which makes it easier to manipulate and to carry around. And, as it was already mentioned, the head part is less fragile. Headless guitars usually also have smaller body shapes too, which makes them even more compact.

How thick is a Strat headstock?

jsegel Strat-Talk Member and the headstock is exactly 1/2″ thick.

How thick is a Gibson headstock?

Senior Member. Headstock should be about 15mm total thickness. You don’t need a veneer, but normally 1-2mm thick.