What is a Take Action project?

What is a Take Action project?

Overview of Take Action A Take Action project is a chance for girls to partner with others in their community to solve a problem. They learn about getting to the root causes of issues, mobilizing and engaging community members and volunteers, and striving toward creating lasting change in their world.

What is the MEdia journey about?

Purpose: Girls will complete the MEdia journey and earn the three awards at the completion of the series: Monitor, Influence and Cultivate (MIC). This series focuses on the influence of media in the girls’ everyday lives, and would work well with a group of girls interested in popular culture, marketing or advertising.

How do you complete a Cadette journey?

To earn it, girls must complete 3 of the 9 challenges listed in the Interact Challenges chart on pages 12–15 in the girl book. These challenges, based on topics the girls will explore on the journey, invite the Cadettes to try small, positive ways of interacting in their daily lives.

What is Cadette journey?

JOURNEYS The Journey series allows girls to explore new things, connect with others, and make a difference. Includes a Take Action project. BADGES Awards and badges are a great way for girls to explore their interests, learn new skills, and show the world what they have accomplished.

What is a take action badge?

Girl Scout badges, awards and other insignia that are earned for the accomplishment of skill-building activities or any set requirements should be presented, worn or displayed only after Girl Scouts have completed the requirements outlined in the appropriate program materials.

What is a Take Action project for Girl Scouts?

Girl Scout Take Action projects address an issue by tackling the factors that cause or contribute to it. As you may expect, these projects have a far-reaching influence. Projects associated with Journeys and the highest awards (the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award) are Take Action projects.

What is a GS journey?

A Girl Scout Journey is an extended engagement with a topic that culminates in a Take Action project to make the world a better place. Journeys are created specifically for leadership development.

What are the Girl Scout Brownie journeys?


  • It’s Your World—Change It!
  • It’s Your Planet—Love It!
  • It’s Your Story—Tell It!
  • Engineering: Think Like an Engineer.
  • Computer Science: Think Like a Programmer.
  • Outdoor STEM: Think Like a Citizen Scientist.
  • Outdoor.

Where does the Cadette Journey Award go?

Girl Scout Cadette Uniform Place your first Journey awards at the bottom of your vest. As you earn additional Journey awards, work your way up. If your Journey awards and badges don’t fit on the front of your vest or sash, you can wear them on the back.

What badges are in the Cadette outdoor journey?

The Cadette Outdoor Journey consists of three badges-Night Owl, Trailblazing, Primitive Camper-and three Take Action meetings.

What are Girl Scout journeys?

What is a brownie take action project?

Take Action encourages girls to develop a project that is sustainable. That means that the problem continues to be addressed, even after the project is over. Sustainability simply means coming up with a solution that lasts. For example, girls might want to do something about trash in a local park.

What are the benefits of take action projects?

One of the coolest things about Take Action projects is their flexibility and versatility. Your Girl Scout can dive into problems that she finds interesting and relevant, then spend lots of time working on it or spend just a little time. She can reach out to her nearby friends and family or impact the larger community.

How are take action projects different from community service projects?

A Take Action project is different than a community service project, because Take Action projects address the root cause of an issue and provide a sustainable solution. Girl Scouts of the USA suggests three ways to make a project sustainable: Make your solution permanent.

What do girls need to know about take action projects?

When girls pursue Take Action projects, they take time to identify and understand the root cause of the issue they are addressing. Girls also must make sure that each project is sustainable and that the impact is measurable. Because these two words are nebulous and difficult to define, take the time to define each with participants.

How to determine if an idea is a take action project?

Use this table to determine whether an idea is a community service or Take Action project. Break into small groups and provide each group with a different scenario listed in table below—or as a full group, review one scenario at a time and work together to determine if it is a community service or Take Action project.