What is a word for fighting for rights?

What is a word for fighting for rights?

An egalitarian is a person who believes in the equality of all people, and an egalitarian society gives everyone equal rights. This is a word that means something close to equality and has to do with fairness.

What is the synonym of skirmish?

fight, battle, clash, conflict, encounter, confrontation, engagement, fray, contest, combat, tussle, scrimmage, fracas, affray, melee. archaic rencounter. 2’there was a skirmish over the budget’

What is the synonym of waiver?

Some common synonyms of waive are abandon, relinquish, resign, surrender, and yield.

What is the synonym of improvise?

impromptu. improvise. improvised. made-up. off-the-cuff.

What do you call a person who stands up for others?

Someone who is altruistic always puts others first. This word comes from the Old French altruistic and means “other people” and before that the Latin alter, which means “other.” Our current word comes from the nineteenth century and comes from philosophy.

Is Squirmish a word?

Showing signs of restlessness resulting from feelings of discomfort or distress.

What is another word for squirmy?

What is another word for squirmy?

twitchy wriggly
wiggly jumpy
nervous uneasy
restless jittery
anxious agitated

What does it mean to never waver?

Waver also means to become weaker; falter. His love for her had never wavered” To be undecided between two opinions or courses of action is also known as waver. She never wavered from her intention.

What is a word for thinking on your feet?

“It also meant being able to think on one’s feet to frustrate the rhetorical stratagems employed by various people to deceive one another.”…What is another word for think on one’s feet?

extemporiseUK extemporizeUS
improv contrive
devise fake it
make up ad lib
do off the top of your head throw together

What does improvisor mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to compose, recite, play, or sing extemporaneously. 2 : to make, invent, or arrange offhand the quarterback improvised a play.

Which is the best synonym for the word skirmish?

Skirmish: a brief clash between enemies or rivals. Synonyms: brush, encounter, hassle… Find the right word.

Which is the best synonym for the word war?

WORDS RELATED TO WAR. 1 armed aggression. nounarmed conflict. armed fighting. armed hostilities. battle. combat. engagement. fight. war. warfare. 2 battle. 3 battle. 4 battled. 5 battles.

When does the war of rights take place?

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Who are the characters in War of Rights?

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