What is an 11 pointed star called?

What is an 11 pointed star called?

In geometry, a hendecagram (also endecagram or endekagram) is a star polygon that has eleven vertices. The name hendecagram combines a Greek numeral prefix, hendeca-, with the Greek suffix -gram. The hendeca- prefix derives from Greek ἕνδεκα (ἕν + δέκα, one + ten) meaning “eleven”.

What is the meaning of a Heptagram?

The heptagram was used in Christianity to symbolize the seven days of creation and became a traditional symbol for warding off evil. The symbol is used in some Christian branches such as Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity. The symbol is also used in Kabbalist Judaism.

What is a 10 point star called?

In geometry, a decagram is a 10-point star polygon. The name decagram combines a numeral prefix, deca-, with the Greek suffix -gram.

What is a 14 pointed star called?

In Bethlehem, at the place where it commemorates the exact birthplace of Jesus (Yeshua) in the Church of the Nativity, a 14-pointed Star is placed. It is called a Star of Bethlehem.

What does a 9 pointed star mean?

Ba hai Symbol of Faith – Encircled Nine-pointed Star MEANING: The nine-pointed star is generally used by Baha’is as a symbol of their Faith. Nine, as the highest single-digit number, symbolizes completeness.

What is the meaning behind the Star of David?

Star of David, Hebrew Magen David (“Shield of David”), Magen also spelled Mogen, Jewish symbol composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star. The yellow badge that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe invested the Star of David with a symbolism indicating martyrdom and heroism.

What does the logo of BMW mean?

The first key to the meaning of the BMW logo are its colors: white and blue are the colors of the State of Bavaria in Germany, home of BMW. The interpretation that the BMW logo represents a propeller has endured ever since.

What is the greatest name of God?

The symbol known as Greatest Name is an Arabic calligraphic rendering of “Yá Baháʼu’l-Abhá” (يا بهاء الأبهى usually translated as “O Thou the Glory of the Most Glorious!”). This rendering was originally drawn by the early Baháʼí calligrapher Mishkín Qalam, and later adopted by Baháʼís everywhere.

What does the 11 point star on the Statue of Liberty mean?

11-Pointed Star In Kabbalah, the eleven-pointed star symbolized the Tree of Knowledge and spiritual obstacles. The Statue of Liberty stands on a pedestal in the shape of an 11-pointed star, and there are many conspiracy theories related to this. Richard Morris Hunt, a Freemason, designed the pedestal.

What does 12 pointed star in dodekagram mean?

Dodekagram – 12 Pointed Star. The number twelve has a lot of potential meanings. It is the number of months in the year, thus representing a yearly cycle and its completion and wholeness. It is the number of disciples of Jesus, which makes it a common number in Christianity, and the original number of Hebrew tribes,…

Which is a polygon with a seven point star?

Hexagram, a six-pointed star polygon; Heptagram, a seven-pointed star polygon; Octagram, an eight-pointed star polygon; Enneagram, a nine-pointed star polygon; Decagram, a ten-pointed star polygon; Hendecagram, an eleven-pointed star polygon; Dodecagram, a twelve-pointed star polygon

What does the 10 point star in the Bible mean?

10-Pointed Star. This isn’t a very popular symbol. It’s sometimes associated with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. In Christianity, it can represent the twelve disciples minus Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ, and Peter, who denied Him. (This seems a little hard on Peter, who went on to do a lot.)