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What is an allee of trees?

What is an allée of trees?

An allée is a garden feature made up of evenly spaced plants in rows and is typically placed along a long driveway or sidewalk (it can also be used straight across a landscape for spatial structure); it usually leads the eye towards a focal point, like a fountain, gazebo, or home.

What is a garden allée?

Allée, feature of the French formal garden that was both a promenade and an extension of the view. It either ended in a terminal feature, such as a garden temple, or extended into apparent infinity at the horizon.

What is allée in architecture?

Straight gravel or grass garden-walk, defined by trees or hedges, and usually terminated by an eye-catcher. If the trees or hedges are trained to have their branches meeting overhead, it is an allée couverte. A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

What is a boulevard of trees?

A tree located along the street within the Public Right of Way is a boulevard tree.

What do you call a row of trees?

colonnade: a row of trees or other tall objects.

What is a pathway of trees called?

In landscaping, an avenue, alameda, or allée, is traditionally a straight path or road with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each side, which is used, as its Latin source venire (“to come”) indicates, to emphasize the “coming to,” or arrival at a landscape or architectural feature.

What does Allée mean in English?

: a walkway lined with trees or tall shrubs.

What is a row of trees called?

What do you call a large number of trees?

Other words for groups of trees include woodland, woodlot, thicket, or stand. The main meaning of “grove” is a group of trees that grow close together, generally without many bushes or other plants underneath.

What do you call a large area of trees?

1. Forest, grove, wood refer to an area covered with trees. A forest is an extensive area, preserving some or all of its primitive wildness and usually having game or wild animals in it: Sherwood Forest; the Black Forest. A grove is a group or cluster of trees, usually not very large in area and cleared of underbrush.

Where can you walk between trees?

Canopy walkways – also called canopy walks, treetop walks or treetop walkways – provide pedestrian access to a forest canopy. Early walkways consisted of bridges between trees in the canopy of a forest; mostly linked up with platforms inside or around the trees.