What is an artifact creature?

What is an artifact creature?

Artifact creatures are both artifacts and creatures and therefore the rules for both apply to them. In most settings they are colorless, but occasionally they are either colored or strongly affiliated with a color. In the beginning artifact creatures didn’t have a creature type, but that slowly changed.

How many artifacts can you have in a deck?

There is no limit. If you have more than one out, each one will trigger independently and give you a life.

Is an artifact creature a permanent?

There are five permanent types: artifact, creature, enchantment, land, and planeswalker. Instant and sorcery cards can’t enter the battlefield and thus can’t be permanents.

Can you equip an artifact to an opponents creature?

Equipment can’t be attached to a creature with protection from artifacts. The equip ability can’t target a Yavimaya Scion, because the ability is from an artifact source.

Are artifacts affected by summoning sickness?

Although all permanents experience Summoning Sickness, only Creatures, Artifact Creatures, Land Creatures, planeswalker creatures and Enchantment Creatures (or Land, Artifacts, planeswalkers or Enchantments that have become creatures) are affected by Summoning Sickness.

Can a vehicle be an artifact?

Vehicle is an artifact type, not a creature type. A Vehicle that’s crewed won’t have any creature type. However, because it retains its artifact type, it will be an Artifact Creature – Vehicle.

Can you play multiple legendary artifacts?

A player may not control two or more legendary permanents with the same name. Legendary is a card supertype.

Can you equip multiple artifacts MTG?

Yup, equip as many of them as you like. Note that you need to be able to target your creature to equip it. So cards that give your creature shroud (like Whispersilk Cloak) can get in the way of stacking on lots of equipment.

Can you tap a creature with summoning sickness?

Yeah, you can do that even if the creature has summoning sickness. Attacking and the actual tap symbol are what you can’t do with summoning sickness. You can’t use an ability of that creature that says “{T}: do stuff” unless you’ve controlled that creature since the beginning of your turn.

Does destroy artifact destroy artifact creatures?

Yes. An artifact creature counts and both an artifact and a creature.

Can you tap artifact equipment?

Tapping an artifact won’t cause its abilities to stop applying unless those abilities say so. Equipment attached to a creature doesn’t become tapped when that creature becomes tapped, and tapping that Equipment doesn’t cause the creature to become tapped.