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What is an Undercloud?

What is an Undercloud?

The Undercloud is the main director node. It is a single-system OpenStack installation that includes components for provisioning and managing the OpenStack nodes that form your OpenStack environment (the Overcloud).

Which file is required to install the Undercloud?

undercloud.conf file
The undercloud. conf file contains settings to configure your undercloud. If you omit or comment out a parameter, the undercloud installation uses the default value. Defines the fully qualified host name for the undercloud.

What is the name of the network that is created while installing the Undercloud?

The network that the director uses to manage Overcloud instances. This is the Provisioning network.

What is under cloud and over cloud?

In Open Stack, an Undercloud is the deployment cloud that contain the necessary OpenStack components to deploy and manage an Overcloud also called workload cloud or deployed cloud. The overcloud is the deployed solution and can be used for production, staging, or testing, etc.

What is OOO in OpenStack?

TripleO is the friendly name for “OpenStack on OpenStack”. It is an official OpenStack project with the goal of allowing you to deploy and manage a production cloud onto bare metal hardware using a subset of existing OpenStack components.

How do I uninstall Undercloud?

Cleaning the Undercloud

  1. Log in to your machine (baremetal or VM) where you want to cleanup the undercloud as a non-root user (such as the stack user): ssh @
  2. Cleanup the containers and their images:
  3. Remove directories generated by TripleO:
  4. Cleanup systemd:

What is triple0?

TripleO (OpenStack On OpenStack) is a program aimed at installing, upgrading and operating OpenStack clouds using OpenStack’s own cloud facilities as the foundations – building on nova, neutron and heat to automate fleet management at datacentre scale.

What is OpenStack controller?

The Controller node is where most of the shared OpenStack services and other tools run. The Controller node supplies API, scheduling, and other shared services for the cloud. The Controller node has the dashboard, the image store, and the identity service.

What can you use to deploy OpenStack?

Frameworks for lifecycle management

  1. Tripleo. Deploys OpenStack using OpenStack itself.
  2. Openstack-helm. Deploys OpenStack in containers using Helm.
  3. Kolla-ansible. Deploys OpenStack in containers using Ansible.
  4. Kayobe. Deployment of containerised OpenStack to bare metal.
  5. Openstack-ansible.
  6. Openstack-charms.
  7. Bifrost.
  8. Openstack-chef.

What is OpenStack architecture?

OpenStack is an open source platform that uses pooled virtual resources to build and manage private and public clouds. The tools that comprise the OpenStack platform, called “projects,” handle the core cloud-computing services of compute, networking, storage, identity, and image services.

What are nodes in OpenStack?

A Node is a logical object managed by the Senlin service. A node can be a member of at most one cluster at any time. A node can be an orphan node which means it doesn’t belong to any clusters. Senlin provides APIs and command line supports to manage node’s cluster membership.

Is OpenStack a hypervisor?

OpenStack is NOT a hypervisor. It is a “hypervisor manager” intended to remove the worry over hardware and its management. Flexibility is power — the amount of flexibility OpenStack has to offer from a design and deployment aspect is the power all infrastructure admins want and need.