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What is ATYA Patya called in English?

What is ATYA Patya called in English?

Atya patya is a traditional India sport played nine to a side, between two sides. It is more popular in rural areas of India. It is more commonly played in Maharashtra a western Indian state. Atya patya is described as a “game of feints”.

How many players are there in ATYA Patya?

nine players
According to the federation, atya patya consists of four innings, each with a duration of seven minutes. Each team consists of nine players and each game consists of two innings. The playing field is rectangular and divided into strips.

How do you play ATYA Patya?


  1. Game Description: An traditional tag game from India.
  2. To catch the other teams.
  3. Game Rules: Divide the group into 4 teams. Create a playing area and a holding area using the lines on the gym floor. One team is the taggers, the other 3 teams are the runners.

What is the indigenous sport of Maharashtra?

Sports are an essential part of Maharashtrian culture. In Maharashtra, cricket is considered the most popular sport, but Kabaddi, field hockey, Kho Kho, badminton, and table tennis are also widely played….Pune Marathon.

No Race Name Distance (in kilometers)
6 Wheelchair (Machine & Hand) 3.5

Which is the oldest sport in India?

Here’s All You Need To Know About Kabaddi, One Of India’s Oldest…

  • Reuters. The modern Kabaddi is well over 70 years old, and was played all over India and some parts of South Asia from 1930.
  • BCCL.
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  • ESPN.
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Is cricket an invasion game?

Invasion games include activities such as football, hockey, netball, basketball and rugby. Invasion games involve a team having to invade an opponent’s territory by crossing over the half way line in order to score a goal or point. Fielding/striking games include games such as cricket, rounders, baseball and softball.

How old is Kho-Kho?

The Asian Kho Kho Federation first came into existence in 1987 at the time of the third SAF Games in India. The Kho Kho game gained international credit with the first Asian Championship which was held in Kolkata in 1996. The second championship was held in 2000 which added further shine to the game.

Who is the father of Kho-Kho?

Lord Willingdon also admired the merits and potentials of the game. The years 1923-24 saw the foundation of the Inter School Sports Organization, and Kho Kho was introduced to develop at the grassroots and consequently popularize the sport.

Which is the oldest language in the world?

Seven oldest surviving languages in the world.

  • Tamil: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 300 BC.
  • Sanskrit: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 2000 BC.
  • Greek: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 1500 BC.
  • Chinese: Origin (according to first appearance as script) – 1250 BC.

Which is oldest game of the world?

Some historians believe that mancala is the oldest game in the world based on the archaeological evidence found in Jordan that dates around 6000 BCE.

What are the 3 categories of sports?

There are so many sports available in the world nowadays, but we can categorize them by the numbers of players, the three main categories are individual sport, dual sport and team sport.

What are 4 invasion games?

Some examples of invasion sports include:

  • Floorball.
  • Rugby.
  • Basketball.
  • Lacrosse.
  • Hockey.
  • Ringette.
  • Bandy.
  • Handball.

Where is the game of Atya Patya played?

Atya patya, one of the Major Games of Indian origin, is very popular particularly in rural areas. In the moonlights the game is played in the villages. Through the game has been played since time immemorial, it was played with different names and improvised and convenient rules accoding to situation.

When was the first Atya Patya National held in India?

In 1982 at the time of Asian Games and Atya Patya Federation of India was formed. The game was revived with the First Atya Patya National held at Nagpur in 1982.

How many trenches are there in Atya Patya?

Atya patya is described as a “game of feints”. The playing area comprises nine trenches, coming out of either side of a central trench, points are awarded for blocking progress across the trenches made by one side, other side blocks this progress. It has been described as a game of “militant chase”.