What is BBCode used for?

What is BBCode used for?

Bulletin Board code (BBCode) is a lightweight markup language designed to let users format the text of their messages. It is used in many forums on the web, not just on websites created with Kentico. BBCode tags are similar to HTML tags and are entered in square brackets.

How does BBCode work?

BBCode (bulletin board code) is a collection of formatting tags that are used to format users’ posts in the Scratch Forums and the Text Based Games Forums. Because of how BBCode works, content surrounded with a right-facing and left-facing square bracket will become invisible. …

How do I enter a Blackberry code?

Let’s try to use BBCode tags when sending a message to Feed. First you need to click A button at the bottom right corner > click BBCode button > type your text using BBCode tags. Click Send. As a result, the text is bolded and italicized.

What is BBCode for a link?

BBCode is a sort of simple syntax that you can use to format your entries with bold text, links, and more. BBCode can be used in your entry fields when you create an entry or when you leave a comment. It cannot normally be used in a Template.

Who uses markdown?

Markdown can be used for everything. People use it to create websites, documents, notes, books, presentations, email messages, and technical documentation. Markdown is portable. Files containing Markdown-formatted text can be opened using virtually any application.

What is BBC markup language?

Alternatively referred to as BBC tag and BBCode, BBC is a markup language that enables users to format their text on a forum or bulletin board. BBC is especially helpful because it allows markup without creating the security issues that come with forum users utilizing HTML code.

How do I link in BBCode?

Type an URL and mark the text, use then the BBCode button for URL and you are done. P.S.: Hold down the CTRL key when clicking a link.

How do you spoiler in BBCode?

Write [spoiler]text[/spoiler] or [spoiler title=title]text[/spoiler] and it will hide the content on anywhere that you can render BBCodes.

Is HTML valid Markdown?

Because Markdown is a superset of HTML, any HTML file is valid Markdown. That means you can use all the features of HTML to add tables and other elements to your Markdown documents. At the same time, you don’t have to use HTML; you can just keep it simple and readable.

Is Markdown better than Word?

With Word you have tens or even hundreds of buttons to do different kinds of formatting. With Markdown it’s much easier as it only supports limited features and you can easily learn the syntax in less than an hour. Limited features also means, most of the time, more readable and structured output.

Is Python a markup language?

Ruby, Python and Perl are all programming languages. Markup languages, on the other hand, are used to describe a document. HTML documents, for example, are not executed; they are rendered by the browser. XML documents are not run either; they are read by a special type of data reader.