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What is Celtic punk music?

What is Celtic punk music?

Celtic punk is punk rock mixed with traditional Celtic music. The typical Celtic punk band includes rock instrumentation as well as traditional instruments such as bagpipes, fiddle, tin whistle, accordion, mandolin, and banjo. Like Celtic rock, Celtic punk is a form of Celtic fusion.

Is ska related to punk?

Ska punk tends to feature brass instruments, especially horns such as trumpets, trombones and woodwind instruments like saxophones, making the genre distinct from other forms of punk rock. It is closely tied to third wave ska which reached its zenith in the mid 1990s.

Is ska-punk and reggae?

Many only recognize ska-punk as a fad of 1990s US pop music, but its emanation and roots run much deeper and spread far wider than one may think. In Jamaica reggae came after ska; conversely, when hybridizing with punk in late 1970s Britain this historical succession was reversed.

Is ska skate punk?

Skate punk features the fast tempos of hardcore punk and melodic hardcore, occasionally combining them with the catchy hooks of pop punk. Skate punk paved the way for third-wave ska. Some skate punk bands, including NOFX and the Suicide Machines, also play ska punk.

What genre is the real McKenzies?

The Real McKenzies/Genres

Where are the real McKenzies from?

Vancouver, Canada
The Real McKenzies/Origin

The Real McKenzies is a Canadian Celtic punk band founded in 1992 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Why is it called ska?

The genre was named after 2 Tone Records, a record label founded by Jerry Dammers of The Specials. In many cases, the reworking of classic ska songs turned the originals into hits again in the United Kingdom. The 2 Tone movement promoted racial unity at a time when racial tensions were high in England.

Will ska make a comeback?

Ska has been making a comeback — or arguably never left — for a while, and the excitement surrounding this compilation from both in and outside of devoted ska scenes proves it. “I think interest is at an all-time high right now of the last 20 years,” says Mike Park, and he would know.

Is ska making a comeback?

What type of music do skaters listen to?

While skateboarding has traditionally been associated with punk or rock music, recently hip-hop and street culture have embraced the sport, having a huge influence on the music enjoyed by skateboarders.

Are the real McKenzies Scottish or Irish?

The Real McKenzies is a Canadian Celtic punk band founded in 1992 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to writing and performing original music, Real McKenzies perform traditional Scottish songs, giving them a new punk-influenced sound.

Are the real McKenzies still together?

The Real McKenzies is currently touring across 2 countries and has 4 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin, after that they’ll be at Sportgelände Villmar in Limburg.