What is ExecuteDataset?

What is ExecuteDataset?

ExecuteDataset(MySqlConnection, String) Executes a single SQL command and returns the resultset in a DataSet. The state of the MySqlConnection object remains unchanged after execution of this method. ExecuteDataset(String, String,MySqlParameter[]) Executes a single SQL command and returns the resultset in a DataSet.

What is the difference between connection timeout and command timeout?

CommandTimeout is how long a single command can take to complete. ConnectionTimeout is how long it can take to establish a connection to the server to start with.

What is use of ExecuteReader method?

ExecuteReader method is used to execute a SQL Command or storedprocedure returns a set of rows from the database.

Which is faster DataSet or DataReader?

DataReader provides faster performance, but has read-only and forward-only access. DataSet, on the other hand, is high resource-consuming, but offers more control and a disconnected nature. If you want random access and do not need to worry about having a constant connection with the database, go with DataSet.

How do you execute a DataSet?

Executing DataSets

  1. Click Data in the toolbar at the top of the screen. The Data Center opens, with the Data Warehouse tab opened by default.
  2. Click the. icon on the left side of the screen to open the DataSets tab.
  3. Locate the DataSet you want to execute.
  4. Mouse over the row for the DataSet and click the.
  5. Select Run.

What is ExecuteNonQuery C#?

ExecuteNonQuery : ExecuteNonQuery used for executing queries that does not return any data. It is used to execute the sql statements like update, insert, delete etc. ExecuteNonQuery executes the command and returns the number of rows affected.

What is connect timeout?

A connect timeout defines a time period in which our client should establish a connection with a target host. By default, for the OkHttpClient, this timeout is set to 10 seconds. However, we can easily change its value using the OkHttpClient.

What is default SQL connection timeout?

Property Value The time (in seconds) to wait for a connection to open. The default value is 15 seconds.

Does ExecuteReader close connection?

Ultimately it is the Close method of the data reader that will close the connection, provided nothing has gone wrong before. If there is an exception that occurs inside ExecuteReader or any of its called methods, before the actual DataReader object is constructed, then no, the connection will not be closed.

What is difference between ExecuteScalar and ExecuteReader?

ExecuteScalar is typically used when your query returns a single value. If it returns more, then the result is the first column of the first row. An example might be SELECT @@IDENTITY AS ‘Identity’ . ExecuteReader is used for any result set with multiple rows/columns (e.g., SELECT col1, col2 from sometable ).

Which is faster SqlDataAdapter and SqlDataReader?

A SqlDataAdapter is typically used to fill a DataSet or DataTable and so you will have access to the data after your connection has been closed (disconnected access). The SqlDataReader is a fast forward-only and connected cursor which tends to be generally quicker than filling a DataSet/DataTable.

When should you use DataSet?

A DataSet is a collection of tables linked together through relations. It is useful only when you need relations. When you work with only one table, or with many tables that are not linked together, a DataSet adds extra useless overhead. A DataTable is sufficient.

When to use executescalar, executereader and…?

ExecuteScalar when you call an SQL scalar function that just returns a single number. ExecuteReader when you are making an SQL call that will return a record set from a table, which gives you an SqlDataReader object to retrieve the data in C#.

What’s the difference between executereader and executenonquery?

ExecuteReader gives you a data reader back which will allow you to read all of the columns of the results a row at a time. An example would be pulling profile information for one or more users. ExecuteNonQuery is any SQL which isn’t returning values, but is actually performing some form of work like inserting deleting or modifying something.

When to use executereader execute reader in SQL?

ExecuteReader Execute Reader will be used to return the set of rows, on execution of SQL Query or Stored procedure using command object. This one is forward only retrieval of records and it is used to read the table values from first to last.

Why is my SqlCommand timing out when I call executereader?

It looks like your SqlCommand is timing out – when you call ExecuteReader, the associated command remains open and will be vulnerable to timeouts until you finish reading.