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What is flux core MIG wire used for?

What is flux core MIG wire used for?

Advantages of Flux-Cored Wire Electrodes They allow for a high deposition rate. They work well outdoors and in windy conditions. With the right filler materials, these electrodes can make FCAW an “all-position” process. Typically, flux-cored wires create clean, strong welds.

What is the difference between regular MIG wire and flux core MIG wire?

The MIG welding process uses a solid wire electrode while, on the other hand, Flux Core uses a tubular welding wire. The difference between the two is that a tubular welding wire is hollow. It is made of metal on the outside and flux at the center. You cannot use a solid wire to weld with flux core welders.

Can any MIG welder use flux core wire?

Yeah, that will work fine. Flux core is sometimes used in MIG welders even when gas is available. For example, flux core will work in windy conditions that would blow away shielding gas. Also, flux core often gives somewhat better penetration than gas shielded wire.

Is flux core welding wire any good?

The LINCOLN ELECTRIC NR-211 flux-core wire is a good quality reel that, when welding, cools quickly to keep heat out of your project. It also produces very minimal spatter. The slag has good coverage but is easily removed, making cleanup a breeze.

Can you use argon with flux core wire?

Some gas-shielded, flux-cored wires are designed for use with as much as 90% Ar / balance CO2. Rarely is a blend used with less than 75% argon.

Can I use flux core wire to weld body panels?

Welding body panels using flux-cored welding is possible, but not recommended. With FCAW the body panel will be more prone to burn through and warping due to the excessive, localized heat.

Do you push or pull flux core wire?

With flux-cored welding, you should always use a drag (pull) technique, in which the tip of the welding gun is being pointed back at the weld pool and dragged away from the completed weld. An easy rule of thumb for remembering whether to use a push or drag (backhand) technique is: “If there’s slag, you drag.”

Can you weld body panels with flux core?