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What is girandole mirror?

What is girandole mirror?

The Girandole Mirror is a hand carved gilt oval mirror with a triple branch candle sconce that can be wired with tapering candles or fashioned with sconces suitable for wax candles and was inspired by similar 18th century models carved in Europe. The frame is lightly gilded and the mirror antiqued to soften.

What is a federalist mirror?

What is a Federalist Mirror? Federalist mirrors depict the 30-year period that extended from 1776 to 1806 after the formation of the United States. In many cases federalist décor items and antique federal convex mirrors reflect the neoclassical style, with influences from Greece and Rome.

What is a Federal convex mirror?

These mirrors were found in the homes of the wealthy and were elaborately decorated. Often times they would place this type of mirror on either side of the fireplace to illuminate the room. Some mirrors were created with candelabras on either side.

What mirror is used for security?

Convex Mirrors
Convex Mirrors are the most popular choice of mirrors for a wide range of road safety, security and observation applications. For example, convex security mirrors act as effective deterrents when used in shops and convex safety mirrors for traffic improve visibility and help avoid collisions.

What is a pier mirror used for?

A pier mirror, or pier glass, is a large mirror designed to fit on the wall space between two windows. They were often designed to hang above a pier table — that is, a table supported by a single pier or column. Hence the name.

What is the meaning of Girandole?

1 : a radiating and showy composition (such as a cluster of skyrockets fired together) 2 : an ornamental branched candlestick. 3 : a pendant earring usually with three ornaments hanging from a central piece.

What is Federal style furniture?

Federal furniture refers to American furniture produced in the federal style period, which lasted from approximately 1789 to 1823 and is itself named after the Federalist Era in American politics (ca. 1788-1800). It was influenced by the Georgian and Adam styles, and was superseded by the American Empire style.

What type of mirror is shaving mirror?

concave mirrors
Therefore, shaving mirrors are concave mirrors. Additional information: Concave and convex mirrors are called spherical mirrors. Because the reflecting surface of these mirrors is spherical.

Why do supermarkets use curved mirrors?

Answer: The reflective surface bulges outwards toward the light source which results in a distorted image but an expanded field of view. It is this wide-angle field of view which makes convex mirrors highly suitable for security applications in shops and retail premises.

Why are they called pier mirrors?

What is a pier mirror with shelf?

Pier mirrors are floor to ceiling mirrors most often found in the formal parlours of mid to late Victorian homes. They usually have very ornate frames, which often mirrors (pardon the pun) the trim found on the mantles, or woodwork, although not always.

How tall is a full size federal mirror?

The mirror measures 44 tall x 26 wide x 5 deep. This is a very nicely gilded “dolphin” mirror depicting stylized fish with Asian “foo dog” style faces and scaled bodies as are often use in antique American and English designs. The… American federal style convex giltwood girandole wall mirror with carved eagle.

When was the first Federal style mirror made?

Carved wood American Federal style parcel-gilt wall mirror by Decorative Crafts Inc. Item features Gold gilt and brown distress painted finish, carved finials, solid wood frame, nice… Mirrors are from circa 1825-1835 and were made in either New York or Boston. Both mirrors come with their original glass and wood backing.

What kind of wood is a federal mirror made of?

American Federal gilt wood girandole convex mirror with perched spread wing eagle, connecting chains with hanging gilt balls, oak leaves with acorns, scrolled foliage medallion candl…

When did the giltwood pier mirror come out?

This American Federal period giltwood pier mirror, Boston circa 1800-1820, is designed in the architectural or classical style. It features an impressing projecting crest molding wit… Add a traditional touch to your home with this carved wood convex admiral eagle mirror.