What is Godello wine similar to?

What is Godello wine similar to?

Like Chardonnay, variance from vintage-to-vintage, vineyard-to-vineyard and winemaker-to-winemaker makes Godello a moving target for tasters. Godello is mostly confined to Galicia’s Valdeorras and Ribeira Sacra regions, as well as in Bierzo, just over the border in Castille y Léon.

What is a Godello wine?

Godello is a white variety of wine grape grown in northwestern Spain, in particular in Galicia. Godello can produce fine white wines, and yields the best results in Valdeorras, where plantations have increased after having previously been in decline.

Where is Godello wine from?

North West Spain
Godello is a rare white grape found predominantly in North West Spain and Northern Portugal, most famously in the Galicia region. Pronounced ‘Go-dey-yo’, it came close to extinction in the 1970’s but has since had a resurgence thanks to two people; Horacio Fernández and Luis Hidalgos.

What do you eat with godello?

What to eat? Seafood is an obvious match, especially heartier choices like lobster, scallops, crab and halibut. But shrimp, prawns and pretty much any but the most delicate preparations will do, as well as salads, vegetables and lighter chicken dishes. As always with white wines, drink lightly chilled but not icy cold.

Can you age godello?

Like Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, most of their class and fruitiness are developed while the wines are still young, although experiments have increasingly been undertaken with barrel and lees aging. But generally, an old Albariño will taste flat and monotone, although Godello can age successfully for several years.

Is Verdejo like Vinho Verde?

Vinho Verde, Verdelho and Verdejo are easily confused. They look similar on a label but they are all different varietals from different regions. What they have in common is they are light, aromatic, lower in alcohol and crisp with bright acidity.

Is Verdejo similar to Chardonnay?

Less glamorous than Chardonnay, the Verdejo grape nevertheless has a higher natural acidity and a very distinctive character. The wines crafted from Verdejo usually show some unmistakable herbal notes and subtly bitter nuances that bring them a very interesting personality. The variety also has a good ageing potential.

Why is vinho verde so cheap?

In recent years, more producers have been using the alvarinho grape, better known to Americans by its Spanish name albariño. But very few wines in our tasting incorporated alvarinho, which may have been one reason they were so inexpensive. Vinho Verdes are often thought to be mildly fizzy, and occasionally they are.

When should I drink Vinho Verde?

When to Drink Vinho Verde Most Vinho Verde is meant to be consumed young. However, many winemakers in the region have begun producing single varietal wines that age beautifully. In particular, be on the lookout for Alvarinho or Loureiro, which both improve quite drastically with age.

Is Verdejo a Chardonnay?

From Alella, Catalonia’s tiniest Designation of Origin, Parvus Chardonnay 2015 is a white wine made from organic grapes and produced by Celler Alta Alella. Less glamorous than Chardonnay, the Verdejo grape nevertheless has a higher natural acidity and a very distinctive character.