What is included in iiNet Freezone?

What is included in iiNet Freezone?

The iiNet Group Freezone gives customers on eligible plans quoa-free access to a selection of online content….For technically-minded folk, the Xbox servers that count as Freezone content are:


Is Netflix free on iiNet?

iiNet customers can enjoy Netflix content quota-free! (Quota-free Netflix is available on an iiNet fixed line broadband or NBN Fibre plan*.)

Is TPG and iiNet the same?

iiNet was successfully acquired by TPG Telecom in September 2015 in a $1.56 billion deal. The merger created Australia’s second largest internet service provider.

Is iiNet Australian owned?

iiNet Limited is an Australian internet service provider offering a wide range of NBN plans and services on its own ULTRA Broadband Cable, FTTB and VDSL2 networks. iiNet was acquired by TPG in September 2015 for $1.56 billion, but retained its retail brand name in the market.

What carrier does iiNet use?

Vodafone network
iiNet network and coverage iiNet operates on the Vodafone network, including its 4G network. So if you’re part of the more than 22 million Australians with access to Vodafone coverage, you’ll be able to shop around for phone plans with iiNet (and other MVNOs operating on the Vodafone network).

Is iiNet better than Telstra?

Combining real-world speed tests and customer satisfaction scores, iiNet sits in first place above TPG, Telstra and Optus – in that order. Over the past six-months, iiNet has come out on top, delivering an average of 75-percent maximum speed.

How many GB is 2 hour movie?

On Amazon watching a movie in SD a two hour movie would use about 1.6 GB. For a two hour movie in HD and in (Ultra High Definition) UHD Amazon would use about 4 GB and 12 GB respectively.

How much does iiNet cost a month?

iiNet has plans across all speed tiers, offering Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium NBN speeds only. Its Sky Muster satellite plans offers Basic Evening Speeds of 5Mbps and 25Mbps priced from $44.99 per month for 150GB of data (30GB peak + 120GB off-peak).

Is TPG better than Aussie broadband?

Aussie Broadband has a slight edge when it comes to NBN 100 plans, while TPG is faster on the NBN 50 speed tier. No matter which provider you pick, you should end up with similar evening speeds. TPG doesn’t offer NBN 25 plans, however. Aussie Broadband is one of the rare telcos that offers plans faster than NBN 100.

Which carrier does iiNet use?

Is TPG owned by China?

China Telecom (Australia) Corporation Limited which is primarily owned and controlled by the Communist Government of China, and the banned Chinese Company Huawei, are doing a roaring business in Australia via carriers such as Optus, AAPT and TPG.

Who is Dodo owned by?

Vocus Group
Dodo Power & Gas was established in 2001 as the energy retailing arm of the internet provider. The company is partly Australian owned, with parent company Vocus Group operating in both Australia and New Zealand.