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What is K-OS real name?

What is K-OS real name?

Kevin Brereton
k-os/Full name

What happened to k-os?

He has been largely off the radar since his 2015 album, Can’t Fly Without Gravity — “All I’ve done from 2015 to 2020 is make music,” he says — but now he’s returned with a new EP, entitled Boshido.

What school did K-Os go to?

York University
Anderson CVI
Early career. While attending York University, k-os gained his first exposure in the music industry in 1993 when he released the single “Musical Essence” with a music video financed by a VideoFACT grant.

Where did K-OS grow up?

K-os, pronounced “chaos,” is an acronym for “knowledge of self.” K-os moved to Whitby, Ont, at age four. He returned to Trinidad for part of his childhood and overcame his homesickness by immersing himself in music, particularly North American Top 40 radio.

Who wrote Crabbuckit?


Can crabs escape a bucket?

If you’re not familiar, it’s the concept that crabs in a bucket will try to escape. If they left each other alone, and let their fellow crabs climb, they’d easily be able to get out of the bucket. Instead, what happens is as a crab will try to climb out of the bucket, other crabs will pull him down.

What genre is Crabbuckit?


Why can’t crabs escape a bucket?

The metaphor is derived from a pattern of behavior noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket. While any one crab could easily escape, its efforts will be undermined by others, ensuring the group’s collective demise.

Why do crabs have crab mentality?

Crab mentality is derived from a pattern of behaviour that has been observed in crabs when they’re trapped in a bucket. Even though any crab would be able to escape in that situation, the group of crabs work to pull that would-be successful crab down.