What is Mahoba famous?

What is Mahoba famous?

Mahoba is famous for the 9th century granite Sun temple built in Pratihara style. There are various Places which can create live glorious Moment of that previous time. Mahoba is a city located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in the Bundelkhand region.

Who is the IAS of Mahoba?

Shri Satyendra Kumar
The Mobile app is launched by Shri Satyendra Kumar (I.A.S.), District Magistrate Mahoba (U.P.).

Who is the DM of Mahoba district?

Ram Vishal Mishra
According to officials here Special Secretary Secondary education Ram Vishal Mishra has been made District Magistrate of Mahoba. Divisional commissioner Moradabad T Venktesh Lu has been made the chief electoral officer of UP.

In which state Mahoba is situated?

Uttar Pradesh

How do I get to mahoba?

How to Reach

  1. BY FLIGHT – There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Mahoba. Nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport.
  2. BY TRAIN – Mahoba is connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains.
  3. BY BUS- Mahoba is connected by bus.

How many villages are there in Mahoba district?

Tahsil-wise List

Sl No Tahsil Total Villages
1 Charkhari 118
2 Kulpahar 273
3 Mahoba 135

How many blocks are in Mahoba?

5 Blocks
Mahoba a district of Uttar Pradesh is having about 5 Blocks in its District. All the schools in the District are divided into different blocks….List of Blocks of Mahoba District.

Sr. No. List of the Blocks in District Mahoba
2 Schools in JAITPUR block
3 Schools in KABRAI block
4 Schools in NAGAR PALIKA MAHOBA block
5 Schools in PANWARI block

In which state is Mainpuri?

Mainpuri district is one of the districts in Agra division of Uttar Pradesh state of India. Mainpuri town is the district headquarters. It consists of Six tehsils, namely Mainpuri, Bhongaon, Karhal, Kishni, Kurawali and Ghiror.

What is the Pincode of mahoba?

Mahoba/Zip codes

How many tehsils are in Mahoba?

3 tehsils
Divisions. The district comprises 3 tehsils: Mahoba, Charkhari and Kulpahar.

How many Tehsil are there in Mainpuri district?

three Tehsils
Mainpuri district with geographical area of 2745 sq. kms, headquartered at Mainpuri town has three Tehsils i.e. Mainpuri, Karhal and Bhogaon.

Who is king of Mainpuri?

The king of mainpuri Maharaja Tejsingh chauhan.