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What is Miracle II Neutralizer used for?

What is Miracle II Neutralizer used for?

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel can soothe your skin while protecting it from the irritation often associated with shaving and other skin irruptions. It’s a great soother for sunburns and it’s known for providing your complexion with a energizing fresh glow of radiant health.

Can you drink Miracle II Neutralizer?

ARTHRITIS – Use Miracle II Soap to shower or bathe, then spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel on painful areas, then put 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in milk, juice or water and drink daily.

What are the ingredients in Miracle II Soap?

Ingredients: Prayer, electrically engineered eloptic energized oxygenated water, ash of dedecyl solution, calcium, potassium, magnesium, foaming agent, cold pressed apricot, sweet almond, vitamin E and the anointing of God.

What is Dedecyl solution?

Ash of Dedecyl Solution (Ash of Dedecyl Solution is a coconut oil fatty acid used to keep products from separating which is approved by the FDA for use in foods, soaps and cosmetics) 3.

What is the foaming agent in Miracle II Soap?

What is the foaming agent in the Miracle II soap? The foaming agent used is Laurel and it’s organically derived from the coconut husk. It’s stabalized with a fatty acid taken from the coconut husk called Ash of Dedecyl. 100% natural and is not processed.

How does the Miracle 2 neutralizer work on the body?

Miracle II Products Miracle II Neutralizer is formulated with eloptically-energized water containing a mixture of organic minerals. When taken internally on a daily basis, the Neutralizer helps to detoxify the blood stream and create that critical acid-alkaline balance in the body.

What are the uses of Miracle II products?

Miracle II products are designed for multiple uses around your home. Research shows that our skin – the largest organ on our body – absorbs 60 percent of the products it comes into contact with. It is becoming increasingly clear how important it is to focus on the use of all natural non-synthetic-chemical products in our daily lives.

Where to buy Miracle 2 moisturizing soap online?

Whether you are searching for Miracle 2 Soap Products, Miracle 2 Neutralizer Liquid, Miracle 2 Moisturizing Soap, Miracle Soap, or the Natural Green Soap order with confidence. Our secure online store meets or exceeds credit card online security standards. Phone orders accepted.

Is there a healing miracle in a bottle?

This Gel is a healing miracle in a bottle! This is the only stuff that got rid of a rash that broke out on my chest. Nothing was working over the counter. It also kills fungus and yeast on the skin. Read the benefits of this stuff! Just amazing! I’m so thankful it came in sealed.