What is Mother Tongue summary?

What is Mother Tongue summary?

Background & Summary of Mother Tongue In the essay, Mother Tongue, we see an article about Amy Tan contemplating how her background affected her life, her education, held her between two worlds, and brought her shame, but ultimately she learns to embrace her background.

What is the topic of Mother Tongue by Amy Tan?

The theme is shame and how she is stuck in two worlds. 1. When Tan was a child she felt ASHAMED because of her mother’s english, since people couldn’t understand her mom.

What is the purpose of Mother Tongue?

Mother tongue is the language which a child starts hearing after being born and thus, it also helps in providing a definite shape to our emotions and thoughts. Learning in your mother tongue also is crucial in enhancing other skills such as critical thinking, skills to learn a second language and literacy skills.

What does Mother Tongue Tan mean?

The primary purpose of Tan’s “Mother Tongue” is to orient the readers about the author’s intepretation of differentiating Standard English and broken English. In her writing, Amy Tan described the merits and demerits that arose due to the limitation of her mother’s language.

What is the main point of Mother Tongue?

The main idea of Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” is the limitations that imperfect English can impose in society and the richness that such English can bring to writing. Tan elaborates this idea by scrutinizing her mother’s language, her own use of English and society’s response to different people’s English usage.

What was the greatest challenge in teaching and learning mother tongue?

Some problems encountered by the teachers in implementing mother tongue – based instruction include absence of books written in mother tongue, lack of vocabulary, and lack of teacher-training. Nevertheless, the study indicated that major attention and effort are still necessary to be given to the approach.

What is the main point of mother tongue?

What is mother tongue and its importance?

What is Mother Tongue and its importance?

Who is the target reader of Mother Tongue?

The intended audience of Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue” is the people who criticize and judge Tan’s mother’s version of spoken English. Tan uses the essay to convince her audience that her mother’s version of English communicates effectively and is a powerful language.