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What is mutually constituted?

What is mutually constituted?

So a mutually constitute relationship between gender and the welfare state means that they effect each other interdependently rather than linearly. Each are established in relation to the other and are continually ‘developing’.

What is the meaning of constituting element?

a. To be the elements or parts of; compose: Copper and tin constitute bronze.

Has constituted meaning?

: to make up or form something. : to be the same as something : to be equivalent to something. : to establish or create (an organization, a government, etc.)

How do you use constituted in a sentence?

1) A committee was constituted to investigate into. 2) A committee was constituted to investigate into that. 3) Selling goods constituted a breach of regulation 10B. 4) They felt that our discussions with other companies constituted a breach of/in our agreement.

Was comprised of or comprised?

Although comprised of is an established standard for “being composed or constituted of,” it is often liable to criticism and scrutiny. The correct version put forward by grammar guides is to use “composed of” or “comprises” such as “the cake is composed of flour and eggs” or “comprises flour and eggs.”

Is mutually exclusive?

Mutually exclusive is a statistical term describing two or more events that cannot happen simultaneously. It is commonly used to describe a situation where the occurrence of one outcome supersedes the other.

What is another word for mutually?

What is another word for mutually?

reciprocally jointly
en masse all at once
by agreement by contract
collectively concertedly
unitedly as one

Is Constitutable a word?

Capable of being constituted.

Are citizens constituents?

Constituents are citizens whom a legislator has been elected to represent. Part of a legislator’s job in a democracy is to serve these constituents by representing their interests in the legislature and by providing a direct link to government.

What is a constituted body?

a. To set up or establish according to law or provision: a body that is duly constituted under the charter. b. To found (an institution, for example).

What is constituted number?

If a number of things or people constitute something, they are the parts or members that form it.