What is my UVic residence address?

What is my UVic residence address?

Mailing address

Regular mail Courier deliveries
Residence Services University of Victoria PO Box 1700 STN CSC Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 Residence Services University of Victoria Craigdarroch Residence Office Parking Lot#5, Off Sinclair Road Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

How many dorms does UVic have?

21 dormitory buildings
UVic has 21 dormitory buildings (dorms) with a mixture of single and double rooms. Each building has a common lounge with cable TV and microwaves, and centrally located washrooms (a mix of community and/or shared single washrooms) on each floor. Single and double rooms include a meal plan.

Does UVic have on campus housing?

UVic is planning for new student housing that will provide much needed on-campus housing for approximately 600 students currently living off-campus. Learn more about UVic’s new student housing project. Learn more about student housing rooms and facilities through our UVic Residence Tour.

How do I send my transcript to UVic?

Arrange for the Ministry of Education to send your official transcript to UVic via StudentTranscripts Service (STS).

  1. Current BC high school students can grant permission for STS to automatically send your official transcript when it is available.
  2. High school graduates must ask STS to send us your official transcript.

How much is UVic residence?

Residence rates for 2021-2022

Accommodation September to April
Dormitory: single room (includes meal plan) $11,828
Dormitory: double room (includes meal plan) $10,362
Dormitory: economy double room (includes meal plan) $9,168
Cluster room $7,232

How much is tuition at UVic?

Domestic tuition 5,761 CAD, International tuition 18,816 CAD (2017 – 18)
University of Victoria/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How much is a single dorm at UVic?

What is a super single dorm?

A super single is a dorm space where the second bed has been removed from a double room, providing more living space.

How much is a dorm at UVic?

Do transcripts show major changes?

A transcript contains all dates and majors information. Entire information about the dates you have attended the college, if or not the semesters have been completed all data about the majors and minors that you have opted for would be listed in the transcript.

What GPA do you need for UVic?

Minimum GPA required: 4.0 on UVic’s 9-point scale. See for a complete list of program-specific admission requirements. Minimum GPA required: 4.0 on UVic’s 9-point scale. Supplemental application required.

How much is a UVic meal plan?

You will be automatically placed on a Standard Meal Plan, costing $2794.00 per semester. This plan is designed for students who are on-campus on alternate weekends and those with average appetites.

How to contact residential life at Notre Dame?

Questions about Residential Life can be directed to [email protected] or (574) 631-5878.

How many residence halls are there at Notre Dame?

Each and every one of our 32 on-campus undergraduate residence halls has its own unique history, set of traditions, rector, chapel, mascot, colors, and signature event. While each one of our halls is indeed a world unto itself, collectively they combine to create a unified campus community that is unlike any other in the country.

Where to find ZIP code for University of Notre Dame?

A “Zip +4” is an additional 4-digit code added to the end of a 5-digit zip code that helps to ensure timely and accurate delivery of mail. You can find the “Zip +4” information for select campus buildings in the Building Mailing Address Guide that UFI has created for informational purposes.

How many students live off campus at UVic?

We will continue to adjust our approach to the pandemic as directed by the Provincial Health Officer, Island Health and the University. UVic is planning for new student housing that will provide much needed on-campus housing for approximately 600 students currently living off-campus.