What is Objs number?

What is Objs number?

13Cleveland Browns / Wide receiver
Odell Beckham Jr./Number

Why did OBJ delete IG?

of the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. — the most-followed NFL player on Instagram with over 14 million followers — has deactivated his account. There’s a chance Beckham’s decision to deactivate his account is simply for his mental health.

What did OBJ say on twitter?

But that didn’t stop the speculation machine from kicking into overdrive after the eccentric Browns receiver tweeted out an ambiguous set of messages. Beckham tweeted, “God. Thank u for clarity” and quickly followed with “2nd act”.

What overall is Odell Beckham Jr Madden 21?

Sporting News is tracking of the ratings for every position below, including the 99 Club and the top 20 overall players. This article will be updated as announcements are made….Madden WR ratings.

Player Name OVR
Odell Beckham 91

What happened to OBJ IG?

deactivates Instagram: “I’ll be back soon” In a surprising move, the Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr, an NFL player synonymous with social media, deactivated his Instagram account.

Who is odells girlfriend?

Odell Beckham Jr Girlfriend: Lauren Wood’s Facts At A Glance

Full Name Lauren Wood
Religion Christian
Education Horry Georgetown Technical College
Profession Fitness model, television personality
Build Slim

Does Beckham have twitter?

David Beckham (@davidbeckham) | Twitter.

Why is Odell Beckham Jr trending in twitter?

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns receiver became a trending topic on Twitter over his alleged intimate preferences, as detailed on the “Thots Next Door” podcast. As internet chatter continued into the afternoon, Beckham appeared to address the “sh–ts” talking in an Instagram post.

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