What is over and above work?

What is over and above work?

(1) “Over and above work” means work discovered during the course of performing overhaul, maintenance, and repair efforts that is— (i) Within the general scope of the contract; (ii) Not covered by the line item(s) for the basic work under the contract; and.

What is an FAR clause?

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the primary regulation for use by all executive agencies in their acquisition of supplies and services with appropriated funds. The FAR also contains standard solicitation provisions and contract clauses and the various agency FAR supplements.

What is a provisioned item?

(a) “Provisioning” means the process of determining and acquiring the range and quantity of spare and repair parts, and support and test equipment required to operate and maintain an end item for an initial period of service. (b) “Provisioned item” means any item selected under provisioning procedures.

What is a undefinitized contract action?

“Undefinitized contract action” means any contract action for which the contract terms, specifications, or price are not agreed upon before performance is begun under the action.

How many FAR regulations are there?

The FAR is divided into 53 parts, organized into 8 Subchapters designated A through H.

What is the difference between provision and clause?

Since “provision” refers to providing, and a clause provides for something, the terms are almost synonymous. The legal term for a part of a document referring to a particular point is “clause.” Legal professionals often use the word “provision” to describe a clause.

What are the methods of contracting?

The primary contracting methods used by the government are: micro-purchases; simplified acquisition procedures; sealed bidding; contract by negotiations; and, consolidated purchasing programs, such as the use of GSA schedules, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts and other multiple award vehicles.

What is an unpriced contract action?

An unpriced contract action is a within-scope change for which the terms, specifications or price are not agreed upon prior to start of contractor performance. An unpriced contract action is executed under urgent or uncertain conditions.

Is a UCA a contract?

Undefinitized Contract Actions (UCA) are those contract actions for which the contract terms, specifications, or price are not agreed upon before performance commences (DFARS 217.7401). The negotiation of definitive contract action is not possible in sufficient time to meet the Government’s requirements; and.

How can I be FAR Compliant?

Click here to ensure you are FAR compliant….New and Upcoming FAR Amendments

  1. Set aside part or parts of multiple-award contracts for small business;
  2. Set aside orders under multiple-award contracts, notwithstanding the statutory requirement to provide contract holders fair opportunity to be considered; and.