What is PGE Ni Cu?

What is PGE Ni Cu?

Magmatic Ni–Cu–PGE sulphide deposits are formed by the segregation and accumulation of immiscible sulphide liquid from mafic or ultramafic magmas.

How are PGE deposits formed?

Magmatic Fe-Ni-Cu ± platinum-group element (PGE) sulfide deposits form when mantle- derived mafic and ultramafic magmas become saturated in sulfide and segregate immiscible sulfide liquid, commonly following interaction with crustal rocks.

Where is Pentlandite found?

Pentlandite is found within the lower margins of mineralised layered intrusions, the best examples being the Bushveld igneous complex, South Africa, the Voiseys Bay troctolite intrusive complex in Canada, the Duluth gabbro, in North America, and various other localities throughout the world.

What is a PGE deposit?

Deposits containing Ni, Cu and platinum-group elements (PGE) are usually associated with mafic and ultramafic rocks. The deposits may be subdivided into two groups (Naldrett, 1981). (i) Ores with Ni and Cu as the principal products and where the noble metals (PGE and Au) are byproducts.

What elements are similar to platinum?

Transition metalToxic heavy metalPeriod 6 elementGroup 10 element
Platinum/Chemical series

What does Pentlandite look like?

Pentlandite is an iron nickel sulfide with chemical formula of [(Fe,Ni)9S8]. The mineral was discovered by and named after the Irish scientist Joseph Barclay Pentland. The color is yellow-bronze with light bronze-brown streak and metallic luster.

How do you identify a Pentlandite?


  1. Color is muted brassy to bronze yellow.
  2. Luster is metallic.
  3. Transparency crystals are opaque.
  4. Crystal System is isometric; 4/m bar 3 2/m.
  5. Crystal Habits are limited to mostly massive rock forming formations and as granular components of massive sulfide rocks.
  6. Hardness is 3.5 – 4.

Do you get your PGE deposit back?

For residential accounts only who made a cash deposit, the deposit is reviewed 13 months from the date it was paid in full and, if the account qualifies for a refund, interest is calculated on the deposit and both amounts are applied as a credit to your account.

How do I avoid PGE deposits?

If you’d like to have your deposit waived through the In Lieu of Deposit program, please complete these steps in order:

  1. Sign in to your PG&E online account.
  2. Enroll in paperless billing.
  3. Make a one-time payment through your online account: Sign in, select “Make a Payment” and enter your bank account information.

Is platinum the rarest metal?

If translated into numbers, platinum—for all of its known deposits—is considerably more rare than gold and is the rarest metal of all.