What is Philip-Lorca diCorcia known for?

What is Philip-Lorca diCorcia known for?

Philip-Lorca diCorcia/Known for

(American, born 1951) Philip-Lorca diCorcia is an American photographer whose work encompasses both documentary and staged photography, lending his large-scale color prints a narrative mixture of truth and fiction.

Who influenced Philip-Lorca diCorcia?

From the very beginning, he pursued a middle ground between two major photographic modes of the period. A modernist documentary style influenced by Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, and Diane Arbus is evident, but so too is an approach informed by conceptual art, which mobilizes images as cultural archetypes or signs.

What camera does Philip-Lorca diCorcia use?

by-9 Linhof view camera
diCorcia said. He used a 6-by-9 Linhof view camera, which he positioned in advance with Polaroid tests. At first, he photographed his subjects only in motel rooms. Later, he moved onto the streets.

Who is the photographer Philip Lorca diCorcia?

Philip-Lorca diCorcia (born 1951) is an American photographer.

When did Philip Lorca diCorcia start his Hustlers project?

In 1989, financed by a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship of $45,000, DiCorcia began his Hustlers project. Starting in the early 1990s, he made five trips to Los Angeles to photograph male prostitutes in Hollywood.

When did Philip Lorca do his first painting?

His brand of storytelling results in unstable, unfixed images that point in certain directions but never provide a definitive map. His earliest work, from the late 1970s, featured his friends and family in scenes that evoke loneliness, contemplation, ennui, or, occasionally, humor.

When did Philip Lorca diCorcia publish his first book?

Originally published in W as a result of a collaboration with Dennis Freedman between 1997 and 2008, diCorcia produced a series of fashion stories in places such as Havana, Cairo and New York. Philip-Lorca diCorcia. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1995; 2003.