What is profile of line in GD?

What is profile of line in GD?

Profile of a line describes a tolerance zone around any line in any feature, usually of a curved shape. Profile of a line is a 2-Dimensional tolerance range that can be applied to any linear tolerance. The profile of a line callout can also be set with an all-around leader or given a specific range (see example).

What is Profile GDT?

Profile of a surface describes a 3-Dimensional tolerance zone around a surface, usually which is an advanced curve or shape. Profile controls all the points along the surface within a tolerance range that directly mimics the designed profile.

What is difference between profile of line and profile of surface?

In other words, while profile of a line looks only at a specific cross section, profile of a surface looks at how measurements vary from one cross section to the next.

Does profile of a line need a datum?

Profile can control, form, location, orientation, and size or any subset of these. Profile can be used with or without datum references and with or without basic dimensions.

What does U mean in GD?

unequally disposed profile
“U” stands for “unequally disposed profile.” This specifies the range of run-out of the offset amount from the tolerance zone (tolerance zone limit) in terms of the profile tolerance of a plane. “UZ” is used for annotation according to the ISO standards.

How does a profile tolerance work?

In GD, profile tolerance defines a uniform boundary around a surface within which the elements of the surface must lie. Profile is a complex tolerance that simultaneously controls a feature’s form, size, orientation, and sometimes location. The top figure shows the profile tolerance applied to a curved surface.

What is profile measurement?

Profile measurement systems measure and record the profile of a target by tracing the surface of the target using a stylus. Some instruments can even be used as surface roughness meters. These instruments are ideal for measuring minute shapes such as screw threads and thin films in the order of micrometers.

What is profile of a line?

Definition of Profile of a Line In GD the Profile of a Line symbol is used to establish a tolerane zone around a line in a feature. It might be used to specify the 2-dimensional tolerance for a line that is the cross section of a surface, for example. Instead, it is used to define tolerances for complex surfaces.

Can a profile be a datum?

What is the difference between flatness and profile?

RE: Flatness vs. Profile. Flatness is to a single surface or plane while profile of a surface CAN apply to multiple surfaces on the same plane.