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What is RootCloak?

What is RootCloak?

RootCloak is an app that lets you hide the root status of your Android device so other apps won’t detect it as being rooted. Easy, because there are apps that won’t work on rooted smartphones. Using RootCloak properly is easy, but remember to install Xposed first.

How do you use root cloak?


  1. Select Add/Remove Apps.
  2. If your app is not in the list, you must then click the “+” sign to add it.
  3. Exit RootCloak settings. If the app you just added to the list was already running, you need to FORCE CLOSE it for the settings to take effect.
  4. Run your application.

Is Xposed installer safe?

Installing Xposed Framework It’s always good to play safe just in case. Having done that, sideload the Xposed Framework APK from the Xposed Repo and install it on your Android. Make sure the untrusted source is checked in the Android security Settings.

How do I get xposed framework?

Method 1

  1. Download the APK from this thread.
  2. Install the app like you normally would.
  3. Open the app and go to the Framework section in the menu.
  4. Tap the Install/Update button and select Install.
  5. Grant root access to Xposed Installer.
  6. The app will install the framework and Reboot.

How do I hide apps that detect root?

To get started, open the newly named “Manager” app to the main screen like before, tap the menu on the left, then head to the “Magisk Hide” entry on the list. Locate the offending app(s) that are detecting your root access and tap the dot on each one to put a checkmark on them. That’s it!

How do I hide super user?

To hide SuperSu after ROOT, follow steps below:

  1. Open SuperSU App.
  2. Tap on “SETTINGS” on the top menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Launcher icon” in “Customization” category.
  4. Tap on “Invisible (hidden from launcher)“

Can I use xposed with Magisk?

The Xposed Framework modifies the Android system, which triggers Google SafetyNet to disable things like Google Play, Netflix, and Pokemon GO. The Xposed Framework can be installed as a Magisk Module. This means Xposed can also be systemless and you can use the mods without triggering Google SafetyNet.

What are the best xposed modules?

The 19 Best Xposed Framework Modules

  • Zoom for Instagram.
  • Instagram Downloader.
  • MinMinGuard.
  • PinNotif.
  • NeverSleep.
  • WhatsApp Extensions.
  • RootCloak.
  • Amplify.

Does xposed framework require root?

Root is a requirement to install the Xposed Framework, any additional modules can be installed (may not explicitly state root requirement) but need the Xposed framework to function, so in short yes root is needed.

What can I do with xposed framework?

Xposed Framework is a way to install special apps on your Android device called modules, which can be customized to your liking to modify your phone in many ways. Basically, you install an app called Xposed Installer that lets you download other apps that are the actual programs that do all the modifying.