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What is senior thesis?

What is senior thesis?

Senior theses are independent research projects that students complete in close collaboration with a faculty mentor. Students who complete a senior thesis project select their own research topic, meaning that they have the opportunity to find answers to the research questions they find most compelling.

How do you write a senior thesis?

Capping It Off: 7 Tips for the Senior ThesisChoose your adviser carefully. Choose your topic even more carefully. Consider expanding a course paper. Organize your face time. Divide your time in half. Don’t assume that longer is better. Play to the bitter end.

Should I write a senior thesis?

Here are some of the reasons why students consider doing a senior thesis: It provides an essential experience for those planning to do graduate work, especially in AAAS. It helps them to discover how scholars conduct research and transform that raw information into a coherent story and analysis.

How important is a senior thesis?

Toward the end of his answer, my professor added another comment: “Actually, the more important thing for grad school is a good Senior Thesis. In your Thesis is where your research interest can be demonstrated and through the Thesis they can see how good you are as a potential researcher.”