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What is the antonym of Nonplus?

What is the antonym of Nonplus?

What is the opposite of nonplus?

aid assist
clarify comfort
educate encourage
enlighten expect
explain explicate

What is a Nonplus?

: to cause to be at a loss as to what to say, think, or do : perplex nonplussed by the disclosure — Newsweek this turn of events nonplusses me— J. R. Perkins.

What is the opposite of nonplussed?

at a loss(p), nonplused, nonplussed, puzzledadjective. filled with bewilderment. “at a loss to understand those remarks”; “puzzled that she left without saying goodbye” Antonyms: unperplexed.

Whats the opposite of a procrastinator?

If to procrastinate is “to put off doing something,” then its antonym is anticipate — “to deal with beforehand.” So you can say the opposite of procrastination is anticipation. If you can live with more than one word, a clearer antonym of procrastination is being proactive.

What does Bewider mean?

to confuse
: to confuse (someone) very much. See the full definition for bewilder in the English Language Learners Dictionary. bewilder. verb. be·​wil·​der | \ bi-ˈwil-dər \

Which is the opposite word of utter ‘?

What is the opposite of uttered?

concealed denied
hid hidden
mumbled refrained
secreted suppressed
withheld withholden

Which is the best synonym for the word Nonplus?

Synonym Discussion of nonplus. puzzle, perplex, bewilder, distract, nonplus, confound, dumbfound mean to baffle and disturb mentally.

Are there any antonym games that kids can play?

Your child will have a blast identifying words with opposite meanings through the use of our antonym games, and won’t get enough of our synonym games that offer the opportunity to pair words possessing the same meaning. Kids won’t need a thesaurus after working with these games!

Which is the best game for learning synonyms?

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