What is the APN setting for AT?

What is the APN setting for AT?

What are the AT APN settings?

MMS proxy
MMS port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication type None

What is the APN for Digicel LTE?
The APN settings for your phone are as follows: Name: Digicel APN: Password: 1234 Ensure also the LTE mode is enabled in voice & data options.

What are the APN settings for Metro by T-Mobile?

Here are the APN settings you’ll need for Metro by T-mobile:

  • Name: Metro by T-Mobile.
  • APN:
  • Proxy: Not Required.
  • Port: Not Required.
  • Username: Not Required.
  • Password: Not Required.
  • Server: Not Required.
  • MMSC: http://

Why is my APN not working?

Reset Your APNs The following shows how to do it. Go to “Settings -> Network & internet -> Mobile network -> Advanced -> Access Point Names.” You should see a list of APNs (potentially with only one network on them). Tap the menu icon at the top right, then “Reset to default.”

How do I set my LTE network?

Go to the Settings menu, then scroll down and tap on Mobile Networks. Tap on that option and then tap on the Network Mode. You should see LTE network selections and you can just pick the best one for your carrier.

What is APN on router?

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. More specifically, the APN identifies the packet data network (PDN) that a mobile data user wants to communicate with.

How do I get LTE settings?

Android LTE Settings

  1. Navigate to your “Settings” by dragging down the top of your screen and selecting the settings icon.
  2. Once within the Settings, select “Mobile Networks”.
  3. Select “Network mode” from within the mobile network settings.
  4. Select “LTE/WCDMA/GSM(auto connect)” from the available network modes.

How do I activate LTE?

First, swipe up on the home screen and tap on the Settings icon, and then tap on the Network & Internet selection. You should then tap on the Mobile Network menu, and then tap on the Advanced option. Finally, tap on the LTE selection for 4G access.

How to set up att APN for Android?

Below are the steps for you to configure the att apn settings for your mobile phone: att apn settings for Android – For Android, you should go to Settings > Wireless Connections > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. at&t apn settings for iPhone or iPad – Main Screen > Setup > General > Network > Mobile Data.

Where are the settings for at & T 4G LTE?

AT 4G LTE APN Settings for Android, iPhone, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Go to Settings, Connections, Mobile networks, Access Point Names on your Android. Press Add on right top corner. If Android has already set values for Internet/MMS 2 for any fields below leave them.

How to program your data settings for a non-at & T device?

To program an Android® device with the correct settings to connect to AT data services: Tap your device’s Settings menu. Choose either Wireless & Networks, More Networks, or Connections. Tap Mobile Networks, then Access Point Names. Find and select the option to add a new APN.

Why is my at & T APN not working?

If you can’t connect to the AT cellular network after an update, verify your APN settings and modify them again if necessary. If you’re an Android user, you may find that you need to modify your APN settings after completing a software update.