What is the best part of the Riverwalk San Antonio?

What is the best part of the Riverwalk San Antonio?

The best part of the Riverwalk is not the shop/restaurant/bar stretch, but the part that ambles along the upper reach of the San Antonio River’s passage through the city. The part that skirts the King William district is particularly nice, as is the Museum Reach.

Is San Antonio Riverwalk worth it?

The riverwalk is a great place to stay and visit. It now goes for a couple of miles right through the cente of San Antonio and along both sides has almost back to back restaurants and bars many of which are really good. …

Is Riverwalk in San Antonio Safe?

The Riverwalk in San Antonio is a major attraction, however, you should be careful if you decide to go. Since there are no railings except for in front of the restaurants, you should stay away from the edge. Each year, over 500 people fall in the river.

Are hotels safe in San Antonio?

Most parts of San Antonio where the motels and hotels are located are safe unless you are doing something you shouldn’t be.

How much does it cost to ride the Riverwalk in San Antonio?

General tickets cost $13.50 with discounts for local Bexar residents $11.50; Children ( ages 1-5) $7.50; Seniors * (Age 65+) $10.50; Military $10.50 (*Photo ID may be required for any transaction.)

How long is the San Antonio Riverwalk boat ride?

Choose your GO RIO Cruise experience! GO RIO’s 35-minute San Antonio River Walk boat tour connects you to the city’s culture, history, architecture, and timeless charm.

Can you swim in the Riverwalk?

Swimming in that river is illegal. “There is a city ordinance that doesn’t allow swimming in the San Antonio River,” said Melissa Bryant, environmental sciences manager for San Antonio River Authority. Swimmers who are caught can be fined up to $500.

What hotels are on the river walk?

The Hyatt Regency is a fout star hotel on the riverwalk itself. It is a booming 16 story hotel. The Alamo is one block away and the San Antonio Convention Center is also one block away. The highlight of this hotel is the rooftop terrace. There is also an outdoor pool and fitness center.

Where to stay in San Antonio Texas?

Where to Stay. There are a number of accommodation options while visiting San Antonio in 48 hours. One of the highly recommended ones is Hotel Valencia, which sits on San Antonio’s River Walk and provides guests with prime access to one of the city’s main attraction.

Where is hotel Gibbs in San Antonio?

Hotel Gibbs Downtown San Antonio 105 North Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78205.

How far does the San Antonio Riverwalk go?

The San Antonio River Walk (also referred to as the riverwalk or Paseo del Río in Spanish) is a 15 mile long network of walkways which run alongside the banks of the San Antonio river. Five miles of the River Walk runs through downtown San Antonio.