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What is the Form 410?

What is the Form 410?

A recipient committee is required to file a Statement of Organization (Form 410), which provides the public with information about the purpose of the committee and identifies the committee’s treasurer and principal officer(s). The Form 410 is also required to be filed in order to terminate the committee.

What is a 700 form?

Statements of Economic Interests – Form 700. Every elected official and public employee who makes or influences governmental decisions is required to submit a Statement of Economic Interest, also known as the Form 700.

How do I find my FPPC number?

You can find your committee’s ID number on the Secretary of State’s website Here. Enter your committee name in the search engine. If you still are unable to find your committee’s ID number, please contact the Secretary of State’s office at (916) 653-6224.

What is a recipient committee?

Recipient Committees: Persons (including an officeholder or candidate), organizations, groups, or other entities that raise contributions from others totaling $2,000 or more in a calendar year to spend on California elections. They must register with the Secretary of State and report all receipts and expenditures.

What is Proof of claim form 410?

Form 410 provides the official proof of claim. A creditor will need to identify itself and state the debtor’s name, the case number, the type of claim, the nature of the debt, and the amount of the debt. In some cases, a bankruptcy judge may accept an informal proof of claim.

Who should file Form 700?

An individual hired for a position not yet covered under an agency’s conflict of interest code must file Form 700 if the individual serves in a position that makes or participates in making governmental decisions.

Who fills out Form 700?

A. Most state and local officials file with their agency. In most instances, the agency is required to forward the originals for specified high-level officials to the FPPC. Only retired judges serving on assignment and legislative staff file the Form 700 directly with the FPPC.

What does the FPPC do?

What does the FPPC do? At its core, the FPPC regulates and enforces campaign finance reporting for candidates and committees, lobbying activity and conflict of interest issues for public officials. These are the main principles covered by the Act.

What is general purpose committee?

A general purpose committee is formed or exists to support or oppose more than one candidate or ballot measure, unless it meets the definition of primarily formed.

What is a political committee?

A political committee is any person, group, club, organization or collection of individuals (except a candidate or individual dealing with his or her own funds) expecting to receive contributions or make expenditures in support of or in opposition to any candidate or ballot proposition, including annexation and …

Where do I put jurisdiction on FPPC form 410?

Naming the jurisdiction where a committee is active: Pursuant to a Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) form change, the Statement of Organization (Form 410) will now include a field to list the “jurisdiction” where the committee is active, which might be a city, county, multi-county or statewide jurisdiction.

What do you need to know about the Fair Political Practices Commission?

Forms The Fair Political Practices Commission is committed to helping public officials, candidates and lobbyists comply with their filing obligations under the Political Reform Act. Below is a comprehensive list of every FPPC form with brief explanations of who must file the form.

When do recipient committees have to file Form 410?

Form 410: A recipient committee that qualifies during the 16 days prior to an election in which it must file pre-election statements must file a Form 410 within 24 hours of qualification with the filing ocer who will receive the committee’s original disclosure statements.

What is the recipient Committee form for FPPC?

The Form 425 is filed by recipient committees that have not received any contributions and have not made any expenditures during the six-month period covered by a semi-annual statement. The Form 450 is filed by recipient committees that meet certain specific criteria listed in the Form 450.