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What is the formula for indium oxide?

What is the formula for indium oxide?

Indium(III) oxide/Formula

What is indium oxide?

Indium tin oxide (ITO) is a ternary composition of indium, tin and oxygen in varying proportions. Depending on the oxygen content, it can either be described as a ceramic or alloy. Indium tin oxide is typically encountered as an oxygen-saturated composition with a formulation of 74% In, 18% O2, and 8% Sn by weight.

Is indium oxide acid or base?

This article discusses the properties and applications of indium oxide nanoparticles. Indium is a Block P, Period 5 element, while oxygen is a Block P, Period 2 element. Indium oxide is an amphoteric oxide of indium.

Is indium oxide a gas?

Indium oxide (In2O3) is a transparent n-type semiconductor with a direct band-gap of about 3.6 eV [1]. Among several different applications, In2O3 thin films have been widely used as gas sensor for detecting toxic gases in air [2], [3], [4].

Is In2O3 acidic or basic?

Oxides, oxoacids and hydroxides Thus B2O3 is acidic, Al2O3 and Ga2O3 amphoteric while In2O3 and Tl2O3 are basic.

What is a indium compound?

Indium compounds are chemical compounds that contain the chemical element indium.

What is indium oxide used for?

Indium oxide is used in batteries, transparent thin film infra-red reflectors. It is also commonly doped with tin oxide (SnO2) to make indium tin oxide (ITO), which is used in transparent thin conductive thin films, which are used in various different types of displays, energy efficient windows and photovoltaics.

What is indium used for?

Indium is a soft, silver-white metal used in manufacturing. It is chemically similar to aluminum and gallium. Indiums most common industrial use is in electrodes used for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Is indium named after India?

History. In 1863, the German chemists Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymous Theodor Richter were testing ores from the mines around Freiberg, Saxony. They named the element indium, from the indigo color seen in its spectrum, after the Latin indicum, meaning ‘of India’.

Where is indium used?

Most indium is used to make indium tin oxide (ITO), which is an important part of touch screens, flatscreen TVs and solar panels. This is because it conducts electricity, bonds strongly to glass and is transparent. Indium nitride, phosphide and antimonide are semiconductors used in transistors and microchips.

What is iridium oxide used for?

Application. Iridium dioxide can be used as an anode electrode for industrial electrolysis and as a microelectrode for electrophysiological studies. Iridium dioxide can be used to make coated electrodes.

Is Sno acidic or basic?

PbO2reacts with hydrochloric acid so, it is basic. So, SiO2,GeO2, SnOand PbOare acidic, amphoteric, amphoteric, basic respectively.