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What is the laminin molecule?

What is the laminin molecule?

Laminins are high-molecular weight (~400 to ~900 kDa) proteins of the extracellular matrix. They are a major component of the basal lamina (one of the layers of the basement membrane), a protein network foundation for most cells and organs.

Is laminin an adhesion molecule?

Very early on multiple biological activities were described for laminin isolated from the EHS sarcoma, in particular it was shown to be a cell adhesion molecule.

What is the function of the laminin 332 Gene?

Laminin 332 has a particularly important role in the basement membrane that underlies the top layer of skin (the epidermis). This membrane gives strength and resiliency to the skin and creates an additional barrier between the body and its surrounding environment.

Where is laminin found?

Laminin, a large (400–900 kDa) heterotrimeric extracellular glycoprotein, is a major constituent of the basal lamina together with type IV collagen. Laminin-211 (formerly named merosin) is the most abundant laminin isoform in the basement membrane of adult skeletal muscle.

Is laminin a plant?

Little is known about the evolution of the laminin gene family. The ECM is a metazoan synapomorphy and, as expected, laminin genes and their characteristic domains are not found in fully sequenced genomes from fungi, plants, and non-opisthokont unicellular eukaryotes (King et al. 2008; Fahey and Degnan 2010).

What is Matrigel used for?

A gelatinous protein mixture derived from mouse tumor cells and commercialized as Matrigel is commonly used as a basement membrane matrix for stem cells because it retains the stem cells in an undifferentiated state.

Who discovered laminin?

Rupert Timpl
Laminin was discovered in 1979 by Rupert Timpl who was also responsible for the isolation and localization of the molecule.

How much does Matrigel cost?


Product Number Product Name Price
Product Number354277 Product NameCorning® Matrigel® hESC-Qualified Matrix, LDEV-free, 5 mL Price $229.49
Product Number356230 Product NameCorning® Matrigel® Growth Factor Reduced (GFR) Basement Membrane Matrix, LDEV-free, 5 mL Price $196.92

How is Matrigel made?

Corning Matrigel matrix is a reconstituted basement membrane extracted from EHS mouse tumor. When the material is extracted from the tumor, it contains laminin, collagen IV, entactin, heparan sulfate proteoglycan, and growth factors that occur naturally in the EHS tumor.

Is Collagen a trimer?

In biochemistry, a protein trimer is a macromolecular complex formed by three, usually non-covalently bound, macromolecules like proteins or nucleic acids. A heterotrimer would be formed by three different macromolecules. Type II Collagen is an example of homotrimeric protein.