What is the least densely populated city in the UK?

What is the least densely populated city in the UK?

Davids, Wales
Hear this out loudPauseDavids, Wales (1,372) This is the smallest city in the UK, and we can hardly believe that only 1,372 people are living within its borders.

Which area of the UK has low population density?

Hear this out loudPauseThe upland areas in the UK have low population density and the densest population can be found to the South East, in the area around London.

Where is the least populated area in the UK?

Hear this out loudPauseThe Eden Valley in Cumbria is the least inhabited district in England. 98% of its land is green space and there’s beautiful scenery and historic gems including towers and castles. Also highlighted was the county of Powys in Wales, home to the Brecon Beacons National Park and it’s array of mountains and waterfalls.

Which is the least densely populated county in England?

Hear this out loudPause1. Northumberland. England’s quietest county is Northumberland, where each square kilometre is shared by just 63 people – 2,572 fewer than Greater London.

What are the 3 smallest cities in England?

List of smallest cities in the United Kingdom

City Area (Body/Locale) County
City of London 1 City of London
Wells 2 Somerset
St Asaph 3 Denbighshire

Which is the least populated county in UK?

Hear this out loudPauseAccording to 2018 ONS estimates, the City of London boasts a population of 8,706, the lowest of the ceremonial counties, while Rutland has 39,697 people, the lowest of the traditional counties.

Which country has the lowest population density?

Hear this out loudPause1. Greenland. The island nation of Greenland, 80% of which is covered by a massive glacier, is the 12th largest country in the world by area, but the least densely populated.

What is the UK’s biggest county?

North Yorkshire
Hear this out loudPauseComparative areas and populations As of 2009, the largest county by area is North Yorkshire and the smallest is the City of London. The smallest county with multiple districts is Tyne and Wear and the smallest non-metropolitan county with a county council is Buckinghamshire.

What are the 3 largest counties in England?

List of counties of England by area in 1831

Rank County Area
1 Yorkshire 3,669,510 acres (14,850.0 km2)
2 Lincolnshire 1,663,850 acres (6,733.4 km2)
3 Devon 1,636,450 acres (6,622.5 km2)
4 Norfolk 1,292,300 acres (5,230 km2)

Is London the smallest city in the UK?

Hear this out loudPauseBased on its boundary area (2.11 sq mi / 5.4 sq km), it is indeed the smallest free-standing city in the UK and in England. But the City of London is actually smaller in both area (1.12 sq mi / 2.9 sq km) and population (8,072 in 2011) in England.