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What is the longest washing machine hose?

What is the longest washing machine hose?

You can attach your existing hoses to the supply hoses in lengths up to 96 inches.

How long should a washer hose be?

Replace your washing machine hoses every three to five years. Install a water hammer arrestor, which helps absorb the shock of water that increases pressure within the hose after the washing machine cycle ends.

Can a washing machine hose be too long?

A drain hose that is too long can lead to backflow and standing water in the line. This results in foul odors; plus, an overly long drain hose can end up causing the drain to overflow. Likewise, hoses that are too long have an increased risk of kinking, which leads to clogs and other issues.

How far can you run a washing machine waste pipe?

Washing machine manuals typically specify a minimum height of 39” for the entry of the drain hose into the standpipe or faucet box, and a maximum height of 96” (8 feet).

Are all washer hoses the same size?

Two standard hoses are connected from the back of the washing machine to the water supply valves. The hot and cold hoses are ¾ inches in diameter. The hoses typically are marked to distinguish them from each other. Some hoses are constructed to be used for both hot and cold water.

Does it matter which hose goes where on a washer?

When connecting the inlet hoses to your shut-off valves and the washer, make sure you connect the hot and cold water hoses properly. Traditionally, the home hot water shut-off if on the left and is marked red, while the cold water shut-off is typically on the right and is marked blue.

Are all washing machine drain hoses the same size?

The drain hose is available in different lengths, and universal sizes are 1 to 1¼ inches in diameter. The length of the drain hose depends on how far the washer is from the stand pipe or laundry sink.

Can I shorten a washing machine drain hose?

Sometimes shortening the drain hose of the washing machine is the only way out if it is several times larger than the distance required to connect to the sewer. Simple cutting will make it impossible to use special tips, and twisting will cause delays in the drain.

How far should washer drain hose go into drain pipe?

For new Top Load washers, the drain hose should be no more than 5″ down into the drain pipe. For Front Load washers, the drain hose should be no more than 7″ down into the drain pipe.