What is the meaning of name Meesam?

What is the meaning of name Meesam?

Misam name meaning is Beautiful, Radiant, Symbol Of Beauty, Attractive Man معصوم، بے ضرر، بے عناد that is a Muslim boy name and the lucky number for Misam is nine. میسم name is Shia originated with multiple meanings.

What is the meaning of Meesam Abbas?

“crushing” [hoof] Other names. Related names. Meysam, Meisam, Meysam, Meesam, Maysam, Mayssam, Maisum. Maytham, Maitham, Matisum or Meesam (Arabic: ميثم‎‎, Azerbaijani: Meysəm, Turkish: Meysem, Persian: میثم‎‎) is an internationally used male name given name originating from the Semitic languages.

What is the meaning of AUN?

In Muslim Baby Names the meaning of the name Aun is: Help. Assistance.

What is meaning of Ali in Urdu?

Ali name meaning is “eminent” or”noble” or”high in rank”. Ali name meaning in Urdu is “بلند برتر”.

What is the meaning of Zohan in Urdu?

Zohan Meaning: Gift; Gift from God / Allah.

What does Abbas mean in Arabic?

Abbas (also Abbass; Arabic: عباس‎) means “Lion” in Arabic The name traces back to Al-‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib (an uncle of Muhammad) and Abbas ibn Ali, a son of Ali ibn Abi Talib, who participated in the battle of Karbala alongside his master and Imam of the time Husayn ibn Ali.

What is the lucky number of Abbas name?

Abbas Name Meaning

Name Abbas
Lucky Number 7
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday

What is own name?

For one’s benefit, interest, or support; as an agent, representative, or in place of one. The insurance policy is in your own name, so you stand to make a lot of money from it.

Is Aun an Islamic name?

Aun is a Muslim Boy Name. The name is originated from Arabic. The lucky number of Aun name is 9.

Is Ali a unisex name?

Ali is an Arabic masculine name. Especially known by Ali ibn Abi Talib, a son-in-law and cousin of Muhammad. Besides, Ali is a short form of names beginning with “Al-“, e.g. Alexandra, Alexander, Alison or Alistair and thus a unisex name.