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What is the meaning of the medical term Crural?

What is the meaning of the medical term Crural?

Medical Definition of crural : of or relating to the thigh or leg specifically : femoral crural artery crural nerve.

What is the medical term for fascia?

fasciae [L. fascia, a band] A fibrous membrane covering, supporting, and separating tissue. There are two kinds of fascia: deep fasciae for muscles, and superficial fasciae for connecting the skin to the muscles. fascial (fash′sh(ē-)ăl) , adj.

What is the meaning of fascia in anatomy?

Introduction. Fascia is made up of sheets of connective tissue that is found below the skin. These tissues attach, stabilize, impart strength, maintain vessel patency, separate muscles, and enclose different organs.

What is the crural region?

the crural region encompassing the lower leg, between the knee and ankle, the tarsal region encompassing the ankle, the pedal region encompassing the foot. the digital/phalangeal region encompassing the toes.

What’s your lower leg called?

The calf is the back portion, and the tibia or shinbone together with the smaller fibula make up the front of the lower leg.

What is deep fascia of leg called?

In addition to the deep fascia of the thigh, we have the deep fascia of the leg called the crural fascia which is continuous superiorly with the fascia lata. This deep fascia attaches to the anterior and medial border of the tibia, where it is continuous with the bone’s outer layer – the periosteum.

What is the purpose of fascia?

Fascia is one of the richest sensory organs in our body, embedded in nerve endings and mechanoreceptors ( muscles spindles, Ruffini and Pacini corpuscles, Golgi endings and free nerve endings). Fascia plays a major role in the perception of posture and movement affecting our proprioception and coordination.

Which is the best definition of crural fascia?

1. a fascial sheet lying directly beneath the skin. 2. subcutaneous tissue. thyrolaryngeal fascia the fascia covering the thyroid gland and attached to the cricoid cartilage. transverse fascia that between the transversalis muscle and the peritoneum.

Where is the fascia cruris located in the leg?

For webmasters: Close. (redirected from fascia cruris) [TA] fascia of the leg; it is continuous with the fascia lata and is attached proximally to the patella, ligamentum patellae, the tubercle and condyles of the tibia, and the head of the fibula; distally it is thickened to form the flexor and extensor retinacula.

Is there such a thing as a crural?

Relating to the leg or thigh, or to any crus. Of or relating to the leg, shank, or thigh. The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company.

What kind of rhinoplasty is a crural?

He underwent a primary open rhinoplasty procedure consisting of an unilateral lower lateral crural turnover flap.