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What is the price of Govardhan ghee?

What is the price of Govardhan ghee?

Gowardhan Cow Ghee 1 Kg

M.R.P.: ₹620.00
Price: ₹599.00 (₹59.90 / 100 g)
You Save: ₹21.00 (3%)
Inclusive of all taxes

How much does 1 kg ghee cost?

Amul ghee 1 kg comes in a jar priced at Rs. 450. Similarly, the tin of Amul pure ghee price is Rs. 431.

Which ghee is best in Mumbai?

List of 10 Best Ghee in India

Rank Zotezo Score Best Ghee
#1 9.5 Amul Pure Ghee Rs. 520 Rs. 285 Buy Now
#2 9.3 Mother Dairy Cow Ghee Rs. 550 Rs. 546 Buy Now
#3 9 Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee Rs. Out of Stock Check Now
#4 8.8 Baidyanath Ghee Rs. 365 Buy Now

Which brand desi ghee is best in India?

Amul Pure Ghee Amul is the top in the list of best cow ghee in India with the tagline “The Taste of India.” It comes with fantastic taste and quality and comes with a price of Rs. 520 per litre. This brand is the most trusted in India for supplying milk, ghee, butter, and many more for many years.

Is Amul cow ghee pure?

This is a Vegetarian product.

Which Colour ghee is best?

02/7​Pure desi ghee The real colour of pure desi ghee is yellowish or golden. The granular part of ghee that settles down at the bottom is whiter than the liquid golden part of ghee that floats at the top.

Is Amul ghee is pure?

Amul Ghee is made from fresh cream and it has typical rich aroma and granular texture. Amul Ghee is an ethnic product made by dairies with decades of experience, and rich source of Vitamin A,D,E and K.

Is Patanjali ghee pure?

Patanjali country cow ghee is like amrit. We can not trust the cow ghee which is available in markets, it may harm instead of benefit. Patanjali cow ghee is ultimate in its pure quality and is advantageous to your whole family.

Is Patanjali ghee really pure?

This ghee is 100% pure .

Is Patanjali ghee is pure?

Is Amul ghee fake?

Product Quality: Amul Cow Ghee is a fake ghee. its not a pure ghee. they mixed pig fat in this ghee.

Is Patanjali cow ghee pure?