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What is the tuition at Lawrence University?

What is the tuition at Lawrence University?

49,122 USD (2019 – 20)
Lawrence University/Undergraduate tuition and fees

What is the acceptance rate for Lawrence Academy?

Lawrence Academy

Information Profile Admission
Website: Address: 26 Powderhouse Road Groton, MA 01450 Phone: (978) 448-1530 Admissions Contact: School Type: Independent, Day, Boarding Student Body: Co-ed Region Massachusetts Acceptance Rate: 45%

What is the Jon Peterson scholarship?

The Jon Peterson Special Needs (JPSN) Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their district.

How much is Worcester Academy a year?

Tuition Cost

Endowment Size $60 million $24 million
Yearly Tuition (Day Students) $41,000 (Middle School tuition is $38000) $32,995
Tuition international students $72,000 $54,500
Yearly Tuition (5 Day Boarding) $60,000 $44,150
% Students on Financial Aid 48% 40%

What does the Jon Peterson scholarship pay for?

The Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship provides Ohio parents of children with special needs enrolled in public schools vouchers to pay for private school tuition, private therapies and other services covered by their Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

How do I get an autism scholarship?

If a student is eligible for the Autism Scholarship Program, the first step is to select a participating Autism Scholarship Provider to serve their child’s educational needs. Click on “Search Provider,” to find a provider in your area.

How much money does the Lawrence School get?

Lawrence School receives grants and private donations that enable us to annually award $1.2M in tuition assistance to families who demonstrate financial need. Through this process, approximately 33% of Lawrence families are offered awards that lower their tuition.

What kind of school is the Lawrence School?

Lawrence School is an independent, K-12 coeducational day school serving students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other language-based learning differences.

How does Lawrence School help special needs students?

More than 90% of our families receive reduced tuition packages! Lawrence School offers $1.2M annually in need-based assistance to students who qualify. In addition, most Lawrence families utilize Ohio Department of Education’s Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship to significantly reduce their tuition.

What do students at Lawrence School do for fun?

Lawrence students explore their passions and make lifelong memories through fun after-school activities, in-school assemblies, and field trips to Northeast Ohio’s many museums and cultural institutions. Upper School prepares students to take charge of their future with specialized intervention, assistive technology, and executive function coaching.